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Appearance: cream-coloured granular solid

Melting range: 83°C to 92°C

Boiling point: 398°C

Relative density: 1.15 at 20°C

Vapour pressure: ca 0.00025 Pa at 25°C

Partition coefficient: log Pow 1.55 at 25°C

Water solubility: 1010 mg/litre in distilled water at 25°C

Surface tension: 69.5 mN/m at 20.1°C, concentration 918.01mg/litre

Flash point: 228°C

Autoflammability: 515°C

Flammabilty: not classed as highly flammable

Explosiveness: does not have explosive properties

Oxidising properties: does not have oxidising properties

pH: alkaline

Dissociation constant:pKa is 4.96 at 20°C