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First assessments of regulatory needs for groups of chemicals published

The first assessments cover over 450 substances in 19 groups. For 18 of these groups, regulatory risk management measures or further data are needed. ECHA and Member States have been assessing the regulatory needs of groups of substances in an effort to speed up regulatory action on chemicals of concern, protecting people and the environment, and avoiding regrettable substitution. Check if your substances have been assessed.

Despite limited information on nanomaterials in waste, existing data is valuable for waste operators

A new report shows that limited data is available on the amount of waste streams containing nanomaterials in the EU. However, despite this, existing public data on waste is highly valuable for waste managers, scientists, regulatory bodies, and potentially consumers.

REACH requirements need to be considered in chemical recycling

Chemical recycling of plastic waste currently covers different technologies with varying potential for contributing to a circular economy, a new report finds. Following REACH registration requirements for recycled materials and finding ways to eliminate substances of concern from plastic waste streams are key to achieving non-toxic recycling.



Applications for authorisation
Consultations: 6
  • Start date: 17/11/2021
  • Deadline: 12/01/2022
Calls for comments and evidence
Substances: 1
  • Start date: 22/10/2021
  • Deadline: 22/12/2021
Restriction proposals: 1
  • Start date: 23/06/2021
  • Deadline: 03/01/2022
Restriction proposals: 1
  • Start date: 22/09/2021
  • Deadline: 22/03/2022
Testing proposals
Testing proposals: 15
  • Start date: 21/10/2021
  • Deadline: 07/12/2021
Testing proposals: 20
  • Start date: 25/11/2021
  • Deadline: 10/01/2022


Harmonised classification and labelling
CLH proposals: 5
  • Start date: 08/11/2021
  • Deadline: 21/01/2022
CLH proposals: 2
  • Start date: 29/11/2021
  • Deadline: 28/01/2022


Other calls for comments and evidence
Other calls for comments and evidence: 1
  • Start date: 24/11/2021
  • Deadline: 31/01/2022


Consultations on OEL proposal
OEL proposals: 1
  • Start date: 11/10/2021
  • Deadline: 10/12/2021


There are currently no ongoing consultations.