Deadline for notifying ECHA about the presence in articles of twenty Candidate List substances is 19 June 2012

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The six-month deadline for twenty chemical substances that were added to the Candidate List in December 2011 is approaching. ECHA reminds producers and importers of articles containing any of these twenty substances that they need to send their notifications to ECHA by 19 June 2012, provided they fulfil the conditions for the notification requirement in Article 7 of the REACH Regulation.

Helsinki, 6 June 2012 – Any company starting to import or produce articles containing any of the 73 substances currently on the Candidate List should notify as soon as more than one tonne of the substance is present in the articles imported or produced during the current calendar year and the other conditions for having to notify are met.

In December 2011, two new entries on refractory ceramic fibres were included in the Candidate List in addition to those entries on refractory ceramic fibres already included in January 2010. The scope of the new entries is wider and fully covers the old entries. If a company already notified the presence of refractory ceramic fibres in their articles following the January 2010 inclusion in the Candidate List, there is no need for an additional notification now.

Support for the companies who have to make a notification is available on the ECHA website. It provides links to the notification tools, guidance documents, the submission manual as well as a Questions and Answers document.

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