Last update of REACH-IT ahead of the 2013 deadline

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The new release of REACH-IT on 30 November 2012 introduces the Co-Registrants page, which gives potential and existing registrants direct access to each other's contact details. REACH-IT will be taken down on 28 November 2012 at 12:00 (EET) in order to install the new release.

Helsinki, 21 November 2012 –The new REACH-IT will help both existing and potential registrants to better fulfil their data sharing and joint submission obligations within and outside the inquiry process. The main benefit of the enhanced inquiry process is that users will be able to access the contact details of existing registrants directly within REACH-IT once ECHA has ascertained the identity of the substance. ECHA will no longer send the contact details in a paper version.
The Co-Registrants page provides real time information on the identity, the contact details of other registrants (or of their nominated third party representative - TPR) and their role within the joint submission. The list of data requested during the inquiry process or after a tonnage update will also be displayed.
The new release also contains other minor improvements aimed at supporting the use of the system, for example an update of the login screen with links to other dossier submission processes that are not yet covered by REACH-IT.
In order to install this new update, ECHA will shut down the REACH-IT submission system on Wednesday 28 November at 12:00 (EET). It will therefore not be possible to access REACH-IT until Friday 30 November 2012 at 12:00 when the new release is scheduled to be made available.
Together with the release of REACH-IT, a new manual describing how to navigate on the Co-Registrants page will be published. Some of the other manuals for creating, checking, and submitting IUCLID dossiers using REACH-IT (i.e. Data Submission Manuals and REACH-IT Industry User Manuals) have also been updated and will be made available at the same time on ECHA's website.
Industry is using REACH-IT to submit registration and other dossiers to ECHA. The tool's opening hours are from Monday 10:00 to Friday 21:00 (EET), except for ECHA public holidays.


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