What about exposure levels?

REACH introduces the maximum recommended levels for exposure to chemicals. These derived no effect levels (DNELs) have to be established by your suppliers. Similarly, the BPR introduces acceptable exposure levels (AELs) for users of biocidal products.

The DNELs for a substance are generated by the manufacturer and importer. They can be found in section 8 of the extended safety data sheet alongside all existing occupational exposure limit levels (OELs) under the worker protection law. The AELs for active biocidal substances can be found on ECHA's website.

Exposure levels in the workplace are expected to be below the DNELs when the control measures specified in safety data sheets and exposure scenarios have been applied.

The German Social Accident Insurance Institute has used this information to build a database giving practical information on DNELs that are relevant to workplaces for specialists and authorities who deal with occupational health and safety. This shows how information produced under REACH can support the safe use of chemicals in the workplace.