Suppliers must label a substance or mixture contained in packaging according to CLP before placing it on the market either when:

  • A substance is classified as hazardous.
  • A mixture contains one or more substances classified as hazardous above a certain threshold.

CLP defines the content of the label and the organisation of the various labelling elements. The label includes:

  • The name, address and telephone number of the supplier
  • The nominal quantity of a substance or mixture in the packages made available to the general public (unless this quantity is specified elsewhere on the package)
  • Product identifiers
  • Where applicable, hazard pictograms, signal words, hazard statements, precautionary statements and supplemental information required by other legislation.

Small packaging exemptions

CLP provides certain exemptions for substances and mixtures contained in packaging that is small (typically less than 125ml) or is otherwise difficult to label. The exemptions allow the supplier to omit the hazard and/or precautionary statements or the pictograms from the label elements normally required under CLP.

Child-resistant fastening and tactile warnings

If substances or mixtures are supplied to the general public, then child-resistant fastenings and/or tactile warnings of danger have to be attached to their packaging in case these substances or mixtures display certain hazards or if the packaging contains methanol or dichloromethane. An overview of the different hazards that trigger this obligation is provided in the overview table of hazards that trigger child-resistant fastening or tactile warnings..

Outer packaging

As a general rule, the labelling or marking in accordance with transport legislation is sufficient when the outer packaging of a hazardous substance is subject to both the transport and the CLP rules. The CLP labelling does not need to appear. 

Similarly, when a hazard pictogram required by CLP relates to the same hazard as in the rules for the transport of dangerous goods, the CLP pictogram does not need to appear on the outer packaging.