Review of cadmium in certain applications

In October 2011 (updated in May 2012), the European Commission requested ECHA to investigate certain applications mentioned in restriction entry 23 of Annex XVII, relating to cadmium and its compounds. ECHA's review reports were sent to the Commission on 9 November 2012

ECHA suggested that the Commission request it to prepare an Annex XV dossier covering a revision of the current restriction on cadmium in paints. As part of this work, ECHA would establish what the limit value on cadmium content in paints should be, taking into consideration the evaluation being undertaken within the framework of the Biocides Regulation for copper-based, anti-fouling paints.

ECHA identified that cadmium is currently used in the EU for safety reasons in coloured articles and brazing fillers. ECHA proposed to clarify the issue in the Questions & Answers for restrictions. This would help in enforcement by explaining the conditions under which the existing derogations would apply.

ECHA proposed that no further action be undertaken in relation to spectacle frames. There is very little evidence to indicate that the restriction of cadmium in the metal parts of spectacle frames is necessary. Furthermore, the presence of cadmium in the plastic and painted parts of spectacle frames is already restricted under entry 23.

The September 2012 amendment of the cadmium restriction requires ECHA, at the request of the Commission, to prepare an Annex XV restriction dossier on cadmium and its compounds in plastic material not already restricted. On 9 November, ECHA submitted to the Commission a report of its preparatory investigations into the remaining uses of cadmium and its compounds in plastic materials. This report included a proposed approach to the preparation of the Annex XV restriction dossier.

ECHA submitted the following reports: