Directorates and units

The Executive Office:

The Executive Office provides support to the Executive Director and the senior management in ensuring that the Agency is fulfilling its objectives in a coherent, effective and efficient way.


The Executive Office:

  • Supports the ED and the Directors in the management of the Agency
  • Provides the Secretariat of the Management Board, assisting the Executive Director in preparing the meetings of the Management Board
  • Coordinates the Agency's strategic planning and monitoring
  • Oversees Agency information and security management
  • Oversees the quality management system
  • Sets the rules and policies for data protection
  • Advises the Executive Director on confirmatory requests for access to information
  • Coordinates the Agency's inter-institutional and Member State relations.

The Internal auditor:

  • Undertakes audits of processes in the Agency for which she/he reports to the ED and to the Management Board. She/he will coordinate activities with the Internal Audit Service of the Commission, which is the main internal audit service of the Agency.

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