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How are substances screened and shortlisted?

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17 February 2016 14:00 - 16:00 Helsinki time


ECHA and Member State Competent Authorities are now in the third year of common screening. In late January every year approximately 200-300 substances are earmarked for manual screening by Member State experts based on an extensive set of algorithms to identify substances that may pose risk to human health or the environment. The short listed substances are grouped in terms of both the suspected hazardous properties and also the REACH/CLP regulatory process that may be the optimal next step. ECHA has recently written to nearly 1 500 companies informing them that their registration dossiers may soon be manually examined by Member State experts to confirm the need for further regulatory action. This webinar will explain the screening process, its timelines, and the criteria for short listing. The webinar will also explain how registrants can influence the manual screening process by updating their dossiers and how they could obtain more information on common screening.

The questions and answers from the webinar are available here.



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