Workshop on Substance Identification and Substance Sameness

Workshop on Substance Identification and Substance Sameness

Helsinki | 6-7 October 2014

The aim of the workshop was to discuss specific challenging areas of substance identification under REACH and CLP, in particular substance sameness, in order to develop solutions and criteria to assist both industry and regulators adopt a consistent approach. 

Background document

2014 SID Workshop – Substance Sameness



Workshop agenda



Setting the scene

Background to the workshop Guilhem de Seze, ECHA

Rights and obligations resulting from SID considerations Cyril Jacquet, ECHA 

MSCAs' experience on SID and substance sameness

From substance identification to experiences from SID checks Kristof Seubert, BAuA, German Competent Authority

Substance identification in Substance Evaluation – the French CA experience  - Cecile Michel, ANSES, French Competent Authority

ECHA's proposal

Substance sameness – concepts and development of a methodologyRonan Nicolas, ECHA 

Challenges faced by registrants to establish substance sameness

CEFIC: General approach on substance 'sameness
Industry reflections on substance identityErwin Annys, CEFIC

Hydrocarbon solvents
Hydrocarbon solventsPaula Karjalainen, Neste Oil Oy

CONCAWE: Specific features of Petroleum UVCB Substances
Petroleum SubstancesStephen Harley, BP

Eurometaux: inorganic UVCBs
Experience from non-ferrous metal industry in establishing substance samenessKatia Lacasse, Copper Alliance & Katrien Arijs, Arche Consulting