Topical Scientific Workshop – Regulatory Challenges in Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials

Topical Scientific Workshop – Regulatory Challenges in Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials

23-24 October 2014, Helsinki, Finland

Topical scientific workshops of the European Chemicals Agency aim to foster discussions among academia, regulators, industry and other stakeholders on the possible regulatory impacts that the latest scientific developments may have. An anticipated outcome of these workshops is the emergence of new or improved approaches which may be applied in the implementation of the REACH, CLP and Biocides Regulations.

Aim of the workshop

The Topical Scientific Workshop on Nanomaterials was held on 23-24 October 2014 at ECHA. The workshop brought together close to 200 experts in the field of risk assessment of nanomaterials representing academia, policy makers, industry and NGOs.

The workshop provided a unique platform for academia and regulators to discuss how to address current challenges from the regulatory perspective which can be reflected and employed in the ongoing and future research topics on nanomaterials. The discussions were reinforced by information of the recent developments and of risk assessment methodologies applied in chemicals management both within and outside the European Union.

The workshop illustrated well the strategic objectives of ECHA, to serve as a hub for building scientific and regulatory capacity in the area of regulatory challenges. The anticipated outcome of workshop was early emergence of new and/or improved approaches in the context of risk assessment of nanomaterials. The outcome of the workshop clearly matched the expectations and its output will form a cornerstone in the guidance developments for the implementation of the REACH, CLP and Biocidal Products Regulations.

The proceedings of the workshop are foreseen to be published in the first quarter of 2015.



Topic 1: Introduction to international views on scientific challenges in regulatory risk assessment of nanomaterials

Ms Jenny Holmqvist, European Chemicals Agency

Mr Jim Alwood, US Environmental Protection Agency

Dr Brad Fisher, Environment Canada


Topic 2: Measurement and characterization of nanomaterials

Dr Wendel Wohlleben, BASF, Germany

Dr Keld Jensen, National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Denmark

Prof. Michael Stintz, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany


Topic 3: Metrology and dose metrics for hazard and exposure assessment throughout the life cycle

Prof. Günter Oberdörster, University of Rochester, USA

Prof. Thomas Kuhlbusch, Institut für Energie- und Umwelttechnik, Germany

Dr Steve Hankin, Institute of Occupational Medicine, United Kingdom


Topic 4: Environmental fate, persistence and bioaccumulation throughout the life cycle

Dr Geert Cornelis, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Dr Claus Svendsen, Centre of Ecology & Hydrology, United Kingdom

Prof. Teresa Fernandes, Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom


Topic 5: Read across and categories of nanomaterials

Dr Wim De Jong, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands

Dr Robert Landsiedel, BASF, Germany


Scientific Committee Members

The chairman of the workshop, Prof. Wim De Coen from the European Chemicals Agency, was supported by an international Scientific Committee in the preparation of the workshop programme. The members of the Scientific Committee are: 

  • Prof. Wim De Coen (chairman), European Chemicals Agency, Finland
  • Dr David Carlander, Nanotechnology Industries Association, Portugal
  • Prof. Kenneth A. Dawson, Centre for BioNano Interactions, Ireland
  • Dr Roger Doome, Industrial Minerals Association Europe, Belgium
  • Ms Jenny Holmqvist, European Chemicals Agency, Finland
    Chair of OECD WPMN's Steering Group on Testing and Assessment of Manufactured nanomaterials
  • Dr Derek Knight, European Chemicals Agency, Finland
  • Prof. Frank Le Curieux, European Chemicals Agency, Finland
  • Prof. Kai Savolainen, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland
  • Dr Kathrin Schwirn, Federal Environment Agency, Germany
  • Dr Nicolas Segebarth, European Commission, Directorate-General for  Research and Innovation, Belgium
  • Dr Hermann Stamm, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Italy
  • Dr Claus Svendsen, Centre of Ecology & Hydrology, United Kingdom
  • Dr Tom Van Teunenbroek, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, The Netherlands
  • Dr Violaine Verougstraete, Eurometaux, Belgium


Background documents

Background document for the five topics [PDF]




ECHA Newsletter article

Using read-across and categories to improve safety of nanomaterials

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