Topical Scientific Workshop on Soil Risk Assessment

7-8 October 2015 | Helsinki

The topical scientific workshops of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) aim to foster discussions among academia, regulators, industry and other stakeholders on the possible regulatory impacts that the latest scientific developments may have.

The Topical Scientific Workshop on Soil Risk Assessment was arranged in cooperation with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). An anticipated outcome of this workshop was the emergence of new or improved approaches which may be applied in the implementation of the relevant European regulations.

Reflecting the current state of science on soil ecotoxicology, the following themes were covered in the workshop: 

  • Current regulatory frameworks for chemicals, including biocides and pesticides; risk assessment on soil organisms, role of screening/standard approaches and strategies for higher tier testing.
  • Consideration of the commonalities and differences, including protection goals, in current regulatory schemes focussing on industrial chemicals (REACH), biocides and plant protection products, with a view to identifying synergies and developing harmonisation principles.
  •  Key elements of direct/indirect soil exposure according to the use patterns and technological processes (including chemicals reaching the soil through industrial and municipal waste management processes, as well as emission and exposure scenarios for pesticides and biocides resulting in soil exposure) and the subsequent environmental fate processes in soil.
  •  Identification of relevant ecological endpoints related to organisms exposed by soil or through soil application/deposition.
  •  The risk assessment of in-soil dwelling organisms and plants exposed by soil, excluding broader terrestrial environmental processes, such as secondary poisoning and risk assessment for birds and mammals.
  • Combining and linking different types of information, i.e. modelling, laboratory and field evidence on ecotoxicity, exposure, persistence, bioaccumulation, bioavailability in soils, and ecosystem quality/function.
  • Testing strategies applied in soil risk assessment with particular focus on higher tier studies.
  • Development of new alternative approaches for soil risk assessment and applicability in a regulatory context.

Break-out group discussions focused on:

  1. Problem definition and conceptual model for soil risk assessment
  2. Environmental exposure assessment and in-soil fate processes
  3. Effects assessment



Poster exibition


Poster Exhibition:  list of poster presenters
Topic 1: Problem definition and conceptual model for soil risk assessment
Number Organisation / Country Submitter Title / Authors / Poster

DuPont Crop Protection, GermanyDuPont Crop Protection, Germany

Dr Axel Dinter
A Comparison of Functional and Structural Soil Testing for Risk Assessment of Plant Protection Products
Axel Dinter, Alan Samel and Stefania Loutseti

Institute for Environmental Research, Germany

Institute for AgroEcology, Germany

gaiac, Germany
Dr Martina Roß-Nickoll

Biodiversity and structural diversity in the agricultural landscape – An overall concept relevant for soil risk assessment?

Martina Roß-Nickoll, Mark Deubert, Richard Ottermanns, Andreas Schäffer, Björn Scholz-Starke, Lucas Streib, Andreas Toschk, Matthias Trapp

Poster [PDF]


gaiac - Research Institute for Ecosystem Analysis and Assessment, Germany

Dr Andreas Toschki

Iterative adaptive monitoring to link the gaps in current risk assessment

Andreas Toschki, Martina Roß-Nickoll, Monika Hammers-Wirtz

Poster [PDF]


Monsanto Europe S.A., Belgium

Dr Georg von Mérey

Soil risk assessment for glyphosate and AMPA

Georg von Mérey, Philip S. Manson, Steven L. Levine, Peter Sutton




Bayer CropScience AG

Dow AgroSciences





Dr Matthias Bergtold

Making soil protection goals based on the ecosystem services concept operational in ecotoxicological risk assessments


Matthias Bergtold, Patrick Kabouw, G. Ernst, J. Bendall, M. Coulson,

B. Garlej, P., S. Loutseti, A. Sharples




University of Sadat City, Egypt

University of Helsinki, Finland

Minufiya University, Egypt
Prof Mohamed Fathy Salem

Innovative Biofumigation Technologies for Soil risk Assessment


Mohamed Fathy Salem, Priit Tammeorg, Mahmoud F. Seleiman, Ahmed A. Tayel


Poster [PDF]

7 ECHA, Finland Mr Dragan M. Jevtić

Making use of publicly available studies within the REACH Regulation: An overview of submitted terrestrial toxicity data

Dragan M. Jevtić, Marta Sobańska, Andrea Gissi, Tomasz Sobański, Anu Kapanen

Poster [PDF]


Ramboll Environ UK

Dr Samantha Deacon 

How can soil risk assessment data be used in ecosystem services analysis for agrochemicals regulation?

Samantha Deacon (Ramboll Environ UK) and Anne Alix (Dow AgroSciences, UK)


Topic 2: Environmental exposure and fate assessment
Organisation / Country Submitter Title / Authors / Poster
9 Istituto Superiore di sanità, Italy Dr Gianfranco Brambilla Environmental risk assessment of agriculture soils towards food safety and food security requirements
Gianfranco Brambilla
Poster [PDF]
10 University of Reading, United Kingdom Prof Chris D. Collins
Towards a unified approach for the determination of the bioaccessibility of organic pollutants
Chris D. Collins, Mark Craggs, Sonia Garcia-Alcega, Katerina Kademoglou, Stephen Lowe
11 French agency for food, environmental and occupational health safety (ANSES), France Dr Arnaud Conrad
French Regulatory Feedback on new EFSA guidance for predicting concentration of active substances of plant protection products in soil: Impact on the risk assessment
Conrad A, Brulle F; Vuillemard P; Farama E, Boivin A, Poulsen V 
12 Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomic Research (NIBIO), Norway Dr/Prof Ole M Eklo
Comparing PRZM, PEARL and MACRO using field data from a case study of pesticide leaching in Norway
Gomez-Aledo P, Balderacchi M, Benoit P, Bolli R, Eklo OM, Kværner J, Pot V & Trevisan M
Poster [PDF]
13 BASF SE, Germany Dr Bernhard Gottesbüren
Degradation, persistence and exposure of pesticides in soil under different environmental scenarios - simulation and measurements
Bernhard Gottesbüren
Poster [PDF]
14 Pest Management Regulatory Agency, Canada Dr Lai Gui
Unsaturated column for evaluation of pesticide behavior in soil
Lai Gui, Ian Kennedy, Robert W. Gillh
15 University of Helsinki, Finland Ms Inka Reijonen
Chemical bioavailability of vanadium species in soil – effect of soil pH and organic matter
Inka Reijonen
Federal Institute for Geosciences and Raw Materials-Germany
Geological Survey of Sweden
Rio Tinto, Belgium
Dr Ilse Schoeters
GEMAS: An overview of the distribution of metals in agricultural soil at the continental (European) scale
Clemens Reimann, Manfred Birke, Anna Ladenberger, Ilse Schoeters
17 PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Netherlands Dr Aaldrik Tiktak
European standardised scenarios for exposure of soil organisms to pesticides 
Aaldrik Tiktak, Michael Klein, Mark Egsmose
Poster [PDF]
Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira
Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE)
Finnish Partnership for Research on Natural Resources and the Environment (LYNET)
Mr Kimmo Suominen
Hazardous organic compounds in biogas plant digestates
— Soil burden and risk to food safety
K. Suominen a, M. Vertab, S. Marttinenc
Topic 3: Effect assessment
Organisation / Country Submitter Title / Authors / Poster
The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
BayerCropscience, Germany
Agroscope, Switzerland
BASF SE, Germany
Dow AgroSciences - Environmental Regulatory Sciences, Italy 
DuPont Crop Protection, United States
ANSES - French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety,France
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Italy 
Dr Gertie H.P.Arts
Ecosystem services approach to pesticide risk assessment and management of non-target terrestrial plants: recommendations from two SETAC Europe workshops 
Gertie H.P.Arts, Lorraine Maltby, Margit Dollinger, Eva Kohlschmid, Christoph Mayer, Giovanna Meregalli, Hugo Ochoa-Acuña, Véronique Poulsen, Franz Streissl
Poster [PDF]
International Lead Zinc Research Organization (ILZRO), USA
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium 
Ohio State University, USA.
ARCHE, Belgium
Dr ohammed Jasim Chowdhury
Approaches and tools to correct ageing effects and bioavailability in ecological risk assessment of lead in soil 
Mohammed Jasim Chowdhury, Erik Smolders Roman Lanno, Koen Oorts
Poster [PDF]

Syngenta, United Kingdom

Dr Mike Coulson 

Re-calibration of the earthworm tier 1 risk assessment of plant protection products

Coulson M, Christl H, Bendall J, Bergtold M, Dinter A, Garlej B, Hammel K, Kabouw P, Sharples A, von Mérey G, Vrbka S, Ernst G 



Bayer CropScience AG, Germany

Dr Gregor Ernst

Soil functional test systems for an in-crop soil risk assessment of plant protection products

G. Ernst, J. Bendall, M. Coulson, B. Garlej, P. Kabouw, S. Loutseti, A. Sharples


23 EFSA, Italy Dr Prof Ettore Gardi

Environmental risks of biochar in soils: ecotoxicological effects on plants and microarthropos

F.D. Conti, C. Gardi, G. Visioli, C. Menta


24 Wca-environment, United Kingdom Dr Graham Merrington

Using higher-tier data in the nickel terrestrial effects assessment: reducing residual uncertainty?

Graham Merrington, Christian Schlekat, Beverley Hale, Yamini Gopalapillai, Tyson Jennett, Julie Kikkert, Wilson Lau, Mike McLaughlin 

Poster [PDF]


New Castle University, United Kingdom

Dr Philip Probert

Tracking soil contaminants using in vitro toxicity assays

Probert, PME., Meyer, SK., Cooke, MP., Dunn, M., Blake L., Wright, MC. 

Poster [PDF]


University of the Basque Country, Spain


Assessment of the impact of an abandoned dump site on the health of adjacent soil ecosystems by in vivo and in vitro testing with Eisenia fetida

Amaia Irizar, Nerea Garcia, Daniel Buey, Javier Etxebarria, Nestor Etxebarria, Ionan Marigómez, Manu Soto



NERC-CEH, United Kingdom

University of Granada, Spain

NanoHealth & Safety group,  Spain

NERC-CEH, United Kingdom

University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA 

Dr Claus Svendsen

How well can standard soil tests provide the needed evidence for risk assessment of nanomaterials?

Claus Svendsen, Elma Lahive, Marianne Matzke, Ana Romero-Freire,  Maria Diez Ortiz, Alan Lawlor, Daniel Starnes, Olga Tsyusko, Jason Unrine,  David Spurgeon and Steve Lofts

Poster [PDF]

28 ECHA, Finland Dr Romanas Cesnaitis

Intergrated testing strategy for effects on terrestrial organisms under the REACH Regulation

Romanas Cesnaitis, Marta Sobanska, Vincent Bonnomet, Dragan M. Jevtić, Amaia Rodriguez-Ruiz, Anu Kapanen

Poster [PDF]

29 ECHA, Finland Dr Marta Sobanska

Analysis of experimental terrestrial toxicity studies submitted in the framework of the REACH Regulation

Marta Sobanska, Amaia Rodriguez-Ruiz, Dragan M. Jevtić, Romanas Cesnaitis, Andrea Gissi, Tomasz Sobanski, Anu Kapanen

Poster [PDF]


List of participants


7 October

Plenary sessions

Soil Risk Assessment in the regulatory context

Break-out groups

1. Problem definition and conceptual model for soil risk assessment

2. Environmental exposure and fate assessment 

3. Effect assessment

Break-out groups: outcome of the discussions


Scientific Committee members

The chairs of the scientific committee, Dr Anu Kapanen from the European Chemicals Agency and Dr José V. Tarazona from the European Food Safety Authority, are supported by an international scientific committee. The members are:

Ms Charmaine Ajao, European Chemicals Agency, Finland

Dr Maria Arena, European Food Safety Authority, Italy

Dr Mark Bonnell, Environment Canada, Canada

Dr Charles Eadsforth, Shell, United Kingdom

Dr Mark Egsmose, European Food Safety Authority, Italy

Dr Marc S. Greenberg, U.S Environmental Protection Agency, United States of America

Dr Derek Knight, European Chemicals Agency, Finland

Dr Paul Henning Krogh, Aarhus University, Denmark

Prof Dr Willie Peijnenburg, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), The Netherlands

Dr Eleonora Petersohn, Federal environment agency (UBA), Germany

Dr Veronique Poulsen, French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES), France

Dr Jörg Römbke, ECT oekotoxikologie GmbH, Germany

Dr Kees Romijn, Bayer, France

Dr Ilse Schoeters, Rio Tinto, Belgium

Prof Dr José Paulo Sousa, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Dr Cornelis A.M. van Gestel, Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands


Local organising committee members, European Chemicals Agency

Ms Charmaine Ajao, Scientific Officer (Chair)

Dr Romanas Cesnaitis, Scientific Officer

Mr Dragan Jevtic, Scientific Assistant 

Dr Anu Kapanen, Senior Scientific Officer

Dr Derek Knight, Scientific Advisor

Ms Johanna Peltola-Thies, Senior Scientific Officer

Ms Lucie Ribeiro, Scientific Officer

Dr Amaia Rodriguez-Ruiz, Scientific Officer

Dr Marta Sobanska, Scientific Officer

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