Seminar on Applications for Authorisation

Helsinki | 29-30 June 2015

The purpose of the seminar was to improve future applicants' knowledge of the authorisation application procedure. The main topics covered included the content requirements for applications, the public consultation on possible alternatives, the analysis of alternatives and socio-economic analysis, as well as the formats, manuals, support and tools for the submission of the application.

The seminar was targeting people with a basic understanding of the application for authorisation process and, in particular, those with an intention to apply for authorisation or those who will be helping companies to apply.

The seminar gathered more than 50 industry participants and other experts. 



Presentation [PDF] Speaker  
Opening Matti Vainio, ECHA [Play recording]
Why should you apply for an authorisation? Matti Vainio, ECHA [Play recording]
Content and submission of applications Christiaan Logtmeijer, ECHA [Play recording]
Process and support (including timelines, submission windows, PSIS, support pages, Q&As) Sanna Henrichson, ECHA [Play recording]
Description of uses for authorisation & Exposure Scenarios Joanna Kosk-Bienko, ECHA [Play recording]
Analysis of Alternatives and Socio-economic Analysis in Authorisation Evgenia Stoyanova, ECHA [Play recording]
Evaluation of Applications by Committees (including Trialogue) Tim Bowmer, ECHA [Play recording]
The decision-making process] Anna Borras, the European Commission (remote presentation)[Play recording [Play recording]
Public consultation on alternatives Elina Liopa, ECHA [Play recording]
"Unauthorised" myths of Applications for Authorisation Erwin Annys, Cefic [Play recording]
Joint versus Individual applications and Downstream User considerations Hugo Waeterschoot, Eurometaux [Play recording]
Industry presentation Jan Oltmanns, FoBiG (on behalf of Grupa Azoty) [Play recording]
The way forward Peter Simpson, ECHA [Play recording]
Some lessons learnt to date Linda-Jean Cockcroft, RPA, Martina Vosteen, Ramboll Environ Germany, Ying Zhu, REACHLaw, and Cornelia Tietz, ReachCentrum [Play recording]
Conclusions Matti Vainio, ECHA [Play recording]