REACH 2018 special e-News phase 6

This is an occasional update from ECHA that focuses on the last REACH registration deadline.
REACH 2018 Special e-News

Phase 6 of REACH 2018

Submit your registration

The last step to successfully register under REACH is to send a registration dossier, with all the required information, to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). This is done electronically through the Agency’s secure IT system REACH-IT.

With the launch of this step, companies have a full toolkit available in 23 EU languages to help them register by the 31 May 2018 deadline.

Press release (translated)| REACH 2018 phases - help to register your chemicals


Before submission

Before you submit your dossier in REACH-IT, make sure that:

  • your information in REACH-IT is up-to-date. Check especially your company contact details and your company size.
  • you have checked your dossier with the IUCLID Validation Assistant.
  • you have the correct IUCLID dossier saved on your computer.
Submitting your registration dossier | Phase 6 of REACH 2018

Steps to take if you are a lead registrant

As a lead registrant you need to:

  1. Create the joint submission in REACH-IT;
  2. Give the joint submission token to the member registrants; and
  3. Submit the lead dossier, containing the joint part of the registration.

It is important that you submit your dossier as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for the members to submit theirs.

Submitting your registration dossier

Steps to take if you are a member registrant

As a member registrant, you can only submit once you have joined the joint submission and after the lead registrant has submitted their dossier. You need to:

  1. Get access to the joint submission with a token from the lead registrant;
  2. Use it to confirm your membership in the joint submission in REACH-IT; and
  3. Submit your member dossier through REACH-IT.

Keep in mind that in some cases you can easily prepare and submit your registration directly in REACH-IT.

Submitting your registration dossier | How to create your registration dossier in REACH-IT


REACH 2018
webinar - last call

Webinar: Submit your registration dossier
30 November 2016, 11:00 Helsinki time
Register now | Agenda

Upcoming in 2017

Next year, we will publish more practical examples and case studies on how to register under REACH.

Simpler IUCLID for smaller companies

Stakeholders' Day
4 to 5 April 2017

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From submission to a registration number

After you have submitted your dossier to ECHA, it will go through the following:

  1. Business rules check: ECHA verifies, for example, that your administrative information is consistent with your submission type.
  2. Technical completeness check: a check to make sure that all the information required by REACH is included.
  3. Invoice for the fee: you will receive the invoice for your registration fee through REACH-IT. Pay it on time.
  4. Decision on your registration: if your dossier is complete and you have paid the invoice, you will get a registration number through REACH-IT.
  5. Publishing information: ECHA will automatically publish all non-confidential information from your registration dossier online.

From submission to decision | Publishing information from dossiers


Material for 'Finding your co-registrants' updated

The new version of REACH-IT, published in June 2016, makes it easier to find the lead registrant for your chemical. The lead registrant’s name and contact details are now available in REACH-IT to all pre-registrants of the same substance.

If the lead registrant has agreed, their name will also be published on ECHA’s website on the List of lead registrants. The material and webinar for phase 2 'Finding your co-registrants' has been updated to reflect these changes.

Finding your co-registrants | Webinar


Last call to pre-register your low volume chemicals

If you manufacture or import a phase-in substance for the first time at 1 to 100 tonnes per year, and your substance is not carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction, you can still pre-register within six months of starting the activity, and at the latest by 31 May 2017 – one year before the registration deadline.

News alert (16 November)

Non-animal methods now a default for skin sensitisation – submit correct information

The new REACH requirements for skin sensitisation entered into force on 11 October 2016 making non-animal testing the default requirement. Remember to take this change into account when submitting information to ECHA, otherwise your dossier will not pass the completeness check.

News alert (23 November)

First sector use maps published

The European downstream user industry has now started to publish sectoral use maps to help manufacturers and importers of chemicals register their substances. The first use maps for the adhesive and sealant industry; soap, detergents and maintenance products; and cosmetics are now available in a use map library on ECHA’s website.

News item (11 November)

New REACH-IT available

A new version of REACH-IT, the dossier submission and communication tool, was published on 21 June 2016. It is adapted to the IUCLID 6 format and is much simpler to use.

The support material can be accessed within the tool itself allowing you to get targeted help while using the tool.

News item (21 June)

Practical tips & case studies
Practical advice

REACH 2018: Register now!

The sixth and final step to successfully register your chemicals by the 31 May 2018 deadline is to submit your dossier electronically through REACH-IT to ECHA. You will receive your registration number once ECHA verifies that your dossier is complete and that you have paid the invoice for the registration fee. After completing your REACH registration, you can continue to legally supply your chemicals on the EU market.

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IT tools

New generation of IT tools - what changes?

ECHA revamped its IT tools earlier this year. The applications will be much more intuitive and easier to use. What are the new features of the tools?

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