REACH 2018 Special e-News phase 5

This is an occasional update from ECHA that focuses on the last REACH registration deadline.
REACH 2018 Special e-News

Phase 5 of REACH 2018

Prepare your registration dossiers in IT format

The information on the identity, hazards, uses and risks of substances compiled in previous phases must be documented in a standardised IT format in registration dossiers. For this purpose, ECHA provides a free software called IUCLID.

In the simplest cases, it is also possible to create the dossier directly in ECHA’s submission tool REACH-IT.

Press release (translated) | REACH 2018 phases | Creating your registration dossier | What is IUCLID?

How to create your registration dossier with IUCLID

There are six main steps to follow to create your dossier with the IUCLID software.

1. Download and install IUCLID.
2. Create your substance dataset.
3. Create your dossier.
4. Review your dossier.
5. Run the dissemination preview to see what will be published online.
6. Export and submit your dossier.

How to create your registration dossier with IUCLID 

How to get help while using IUCLID

IUCLID has an integrated help system. Just press F1 anywhere inside the software and the relevant support material opens.

You have access to information on all IUCLID 6 functionalities and the manuals on how to prepare REACH dossiers. The same manuals are also available on the IUCLID 6 website and ECHA's website - soon in 23 EU languages.

IUCLID 6 website | Manuals on ECHA's website

How to create your registration dossier in REACH-IT

If you are a member registrant and you agree with all the information submitted by the lead registrant on your behalf, you can prepare your registration dossier in REACH-IT - without having to install IUCLID.

For this option, the main steps are:

1. Log into REACH-IT.
2. Select Prepare online in REACH-IT.
3. Select the right joint submission for your substance.
4. Launch the dossier creation wizard to complete your dossier.

How to create your registration dossier in REACH-IT 


REACH 2018
webinar - last call

Webinar: Prepare your registration as a IUCLID dossier
4 October 2016, 11:00 Helsinki time
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Webinar: Submit your registration dossier
30 November 2016, 11:00
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IUCLID 6 is available

A new version of IUCLID, used for creating REACH and CLP dossiers, is now available for companies to use. Manuals and plug-ins are also updated.

News alert (29 April)

New version of REACH-IT  available

The new REACH-IT is simpler to use and more intuitive, which particularly helps small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) registering their chemicals for the last REACH registration deadline of 31 May 2018.

News item (21 June)

Practical tips & case studies

"Many companies will be able to prepare their registrations directly in REACH-IT"

The new IUCLID 6 published in April 2016 is much more intuitive and simpler to use, which will help companies to prepare their registrations for the 2018 deadline. We asked Dr Peter Douben of consultancy REACHWise how exactly the new tool affects the REACH 2018 registrants.

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Practical advice

Create your registration dossier

The fifth step in preparing a successful REACH registration is to create your dossier in IUCLID. You need to structure the data you have on your substance so you are ready to submit it to ECHA.

ECHA Newsletter

IT tools

New generation of IT tools - what changes?

ECHA revamped its IT tools earlier this year. The applications will
be much more intuitive and easier to use. What are the new features of the tools?

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