REACH 2018 e-News: Phase 3 - work together to share data and its costs

This is an occasional update from ECHA that focuses on the last registation deadline.
REACH 2018 Special e-News

Phase 3 of REACH 2018

Work together to share data and its costs

The requirement to share data between companies registering the same substance is one of the fundamental aspects of the REACH Regulation. By doing this, registrants can reduce the costs and avoid unnecessary testing, especially on vertebrate animals.

The third step towards successful REACH registration is getting organised with your co-registrants. How this is done depends on whether the substance is already registered or not.

Press release (translated) | REACH 2018 phases | Registration support

Get organised - how to start

As a potential registrant, you can face two situations:

  1. If no registration for your substance has yet been submitted, you need to get organised with other potential co-registrants and prepare the joint registration.
  2. If a joint registration already exists, you need to contact the existing registrants and agree to join them. In this case, it is likely that the preparatory work has already been done.

Working together with your co-registrants | Factsheet: SIEF, data sharing and joint submission


REACH 2018
webinar - last call

Webinar - phase 3: Get organised with your co-registrants - SIEF management and data sharing
2 March 2016, 11:00 Helsinki time
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Stakeholders' Day
24-25 May 2016, 11:00 Helsinki time

Webinar - phase 4: Assess hazard and risk
20 July 2016, 11:00 Helsinki time


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Practical advice for new SIEFs - how to work together

Once you have found the right co-registrants for your substance, you need to agree on how to work together to share the responsibilities and costs of registration. Keep in mind that the organisation and progress of the SIEF is the shared responsibility of you and your co-registrants.

Practical advice for new SIEFs - how to work together

Joining an existing SIEF? Practical advice for your data-sharing negotiations

When you join an existing SIEF, you need to negotiate for access to data and how to take your share of the costs. You and your co-registrants must make every effort to reach an agreement on how to share data and its costs in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory way. This is the key principle for data-sharing negotiations.

Making every effort means, for example, asking questions to make sure that the price of data is fair and reflects the information needs; requesting clarifications when there are misunderstandings; and solving disagreements with valid arguments.

Practical advice for data-sharing negotiations | Factsheet: Typical cost elements in data-sharing negotiations

Filing a data-sharing dispute - the last resort

The data-sharing dispute should only be used as a last resort when your data-sharing negotiations have failed. Before filing the dispute to ECHA, you need to make sure that you have made every effort to reach an agreement.

The dispute procedure is free of charge and you can manage it without legal support. Remember to keep the communication channels open and continue negotiating once you have filed a dispute or even when you have received ECHA's decision.

Data-sharing disputes in practice


REACH data-sharing principles clarified

The new Implementing Regulation of the European Commission on joint submission of data and data sharing defines more clearly what the terms ‘fair, transparent and non-discriminatory' mean for data sharing. It also gives ECHA the mandate to make sure that all registrants of the same substance are part of one joint registration. The regulation entered into force on 26 February 2016.

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One substance, one registration

Following the Implementing Regulation, you are no longer able to submit your registration dossier separately if a registration for the same substance already exists.

If your registration is not in line with the joint submission obligation, it will be rejected at the ‘business rules' step of your REACH-IT submission and you will be instructed to cooperate with the existing registrants of the same substance and submit jointly.

News alert 25 Jan | News item 27 Jan | Strengthening the OSOR principle [PDF]


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Practical tips & case studies

Know your rights when negotiating for data

Sharing data for a joint REACH registration requires negotiating for access to data in an existing registration dossier or with companies preparing a new one. Find out how small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) can succeed in their negotiations.

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Practical advice

How to get organised with your co-registrants

Two companies share their experience from
the previous deadlines of working in a substance information exchange forum (SIEF), splitting the work and costs. Read also ECHA's tips for 2018 registrants.

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