Public consultations launched for applications for authorisation


Helsinki, 27 April 2016 – ECHA has launched a public consultation on 29 applications for authorisation covering 47 uses of:

  • Chromium VI compounds used in surface treatment, hard chrome plating, conversion coating, passivation, cooling systems. These uses take place in various industry sectors such as chemical industry, metal and mechanical industry, armament, aerospace, automotive, electronics, and lithography
  • 1,2-dichloroethane (EDC) used as solvent in the production of biocide/pesticide, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), paraffin waxes and polymers. Used as a swelling agent in the manufacture of ion exchange resins
  • Bis(2-methoxyethyl) ether (Diglyme): Used as a carrier solvent in an etchant for fluoropolymer surface modification, and in the manufacture of API. Used as a processing aid in the manufacture of a chemical. Used as a process chemical in the manufacture of Dynabeads®
  • Formaldehyde, oligomeric reaction products with aniline (Technical MDA): used in an epoxy resin hardener.

More information about the uses that authorisation is applied for, including the description of the function of the substance, exposure scenarios, possible alternatives identified by the applicants, together with socio-economic information, is available on ECHA's website.

Comments can be submitted using a form on ECHA's website until 22 June 2016 (23:59 Helsinki time).

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