New practical guide on intermediates launched

New practical guide on intermediates launched


New practical guide helps registrants and downstream users to comply with requirements for intermediates under REACH and to identify information to report in the registration dossier. The document gives a number of practical examples illustrating the type of information to be provided.

Helsinki, 25 June 2014 – ECHA has published a new practical guide on "How to assess whether a substance is used as an intermediate under strictly controlled conditions and how to report the information for intermediate registration in IUCLID".

Intermediates may benefit from special derogations under REACH such as reduced registration requirements and exemption from authorisation.

This document aims to support registrants and downstream users of intermediates in checking if their use of the substance complies with the definition of intermediate under REACH. This practical guide provides examples of use as intermediate and of strictly controlled conditions that are required for reduced registration. It also shows how registrants and downstream users can check that these conditions are implemented on site.

As registering intermediates has particular requirements, this practical guide also illustrates what should be included in the registration dossier in relation to intermediate use. The practical guide is complementary to the ECHA guidance on intermediates published in 2010.