New online tools for submitting information to poison centres


Under a draft CLP Implementing Regulation, importers and downstream users placing hazardous mixtures on the market will be responsible for submitting information to poison centres in the relevant Member State(s). New online tools and a harmonised EU format will help companies to submit this information.

Helsinki, 11 April 2016 – A draft CLP Implementing Regulation is under preparation to harmonise data to be submitted to poison centres (see CLP Article 45). Once the draft Implementing Regulation is adopted, the deadlines for the submissions will apply in a stepwise manner and they will depend on the intended use of the mixture. A distinction will be made between mixtures for consumer use, professional use and industrial use. The Implementing Regulation foresees a role for ECHA to host the related tools and formats.

Draft format for the submission of harmonised information

The draft format, together with a draft online application (PC editor), is available on the new Poison Centres website hosted by ECHA. The draft tool and format enable companies and Member State competent authorities to prepare themselves for the submission of information to the poison centres. They will be updated later in 2016 when the Implementing Regulation is expected to enter into force.

The draft format is available as an XML schema, which contains the data requirements for submissions. The PC editor enables companies to get to know the format and start preparing for future submissions. The draft PC editor is particularly intended for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Companies who will need to make submissions to the poison centres under the upcoming legislation are encouraged to get to know the format and consider how to implement this in their systems.

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