National Inspectorates - Switzerland

The Swiss legislation on biocidal products and classification & labelling of chemicals is technically equivalent to BPR and CLP. Requirements concerning the safety data sheet and regulatory risk management measures (C&L, restrictions, SVHC) are technically equivalent to REACH. Due to the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) Switzerland has within the EU a similar status for biocidal products to the EEA countries.

The Common Notification Authority for Chemicals coordinates the tasks between the Assessment authorities of the Federal Office for Public Health, the Federal Office for the Environment, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, the Federal Office for Agriculture and the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office.

The enforcement competence of the Chemicals legislation is split between the federal and cantonal authorities. The former administer central responsibilities such as reviewing the self-regulation (classification, safety data sheet), whereas the latter fulfil the responsibilities for which a local presence is advantageous: Control of trade, checking that reporting, notifying and authorisation obligations are met, checking the labelling, etc. Enforcement projects that supervise the market for all chemicals are mandated and organised by a steering group composed of representatives from federal and cantonal authorities.

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