More information to be published from REACH registrations


At the end of June 2016, additional information from companies' registrations, such as endpoint summaries, exposure scenarios and new elements introduced by IUCLID 6, will be made publicly available on ECHA's website.

Helsinki, 25 April 2016 – The publication of this information will start from new and updated dossiers only. At a later stage also the information from old submissions will be published.

The endpoint summaries indicate the study results that are considered most relevant to perform a chemical safety assessment for a given endpoint. The publication of these summaries enables registrants to highlight key results in the brief profile of their substance.

ECHA will also start publishing information on exposure scenarios, including the conditions for safe use. Companies that would like to request confidentiality on their exposure scenarios need to review their dossiers before submitting an update.

Information on other identifiers in section 1.1 of IUCLID will be made available if not requested confidential. The reliability score of a study will now always be published.

In addition, some information from the new elements introduced in IUCLID 6 will be published. These include, for example:

  • assessment entities;
  • new composition types including boundary compositions;
  • nanoforms of registered substances; and
  • justification for providing a reduced set of information requirements (Annex III).

The additional registration data will be published in phases. From the go-live of REACH-IT (21 June), any new or updated dossier submitted to ECHA will have this data published. After the 2018 registration deadline, any dossiers which have not been updated will be reprocessed to publish this data. With this approach, ECHA aims to minimise the burden on industry, for example, by avoiding large scale updates to address potential confidentiality concerns.

More information about the new dissemination and the data made public will be available in an updated manual on dissemination published on 29 April 2016. The dissemination preview plug-in for IUCLID will show registrants what data from their dossiers will be publicly available.

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