How to bring your registration dossier in compliance with REACH - Tips and Hints (part 4)

Webinar date

11 September 2013


This webinar provides feedback to Registrants on how to submit information on chemical substances in the technical dossier to ECHA in compliance with REACH.


Introduction: Guide for attendeesRupert Simon - [Play recording]

Communication during decision makingRupert Simon - [Play recording]

Hydrolysis - Kaihsu Tai - [Play recording]

Vapour Pressures - Silvia Mazzega and Abdelqader Sumrein - [Play recording]

Biodegradation II – How to choose the appropriate method for Ready Biodegradability testing? - Anu Kapanen, Jari Heinonen and Benoit Dilhac - [Play recording]

Terrestial toxicity - Anna Wik, Anne-Mari Karjalainen and Benoit Dilhac - [Play recording]

Conclusions Rupert Simon - [Play recording]

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