ECHA Weekly - 31 August 2016

ECHA Weekly

Call for evidence on hazardous substances used in tattoo inks or permanent make-up

ECHA has launched a call for evidence to gather information on substances used in tattoo inks and permanent make-up. The European Commission asked ECHA to assess if an EU-wide restriction would be needed to have all tattoo inks safe in the EU market. This assessment is done in cooperation with the Danish, German, Italian and Norwegian authorities.

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Most issues with our website resolved

We have resolved most of the problems with our website and we can now publish content again. You might still notice some irregularities when visiting our web pages but we are working on stabilising the environment.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience these problems may have caused you.


Keeping an eye on data-sharing practices

With the European Commission’s Implementing Regulation on joint submission of data and data sharing now in force for more than half a year, ECHA’s SME Ambassador, Andreas Herdina, is taking a closer look at some practices registrants have for sharing data and its costs.

He is encouraging companies to amend their contractual conditions that may be contradicting REACH’s principles of fair, transparent and non-discriminatory cost sharing as well as the Implementing Regulation.

He aims to advance fair treatment of all companies in or entering a joint submission and that data sharing does not exceed the actual costs of a dossier while satisfying the co-registrants’ information needs.

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Report on EOGRTS design published

The document explains how ECHA identifies and concludes on the design for the extended one-generation reproductive toxicity study (EOGRTS) under dossier evaluation. It discusses the crucial information sources for defining the EOGRTS design as well as triggering the study itself.

The document is relevant for companies registering substances manufactured in or imported into the EU more than 100 tonnes per year and for other stakeholders.

The EOGRTS is a modular test method that is used for reproductive toxicity endpoints.



Notify the use of food and feed as repellents or attractants

If you intend to make available on the market any of the twenty active substances listed by ECHA as repellents or attractants, you need to notify the Agency by 24 February 2017 to include them in the biocides Review Programme.

News alert

Reminder: consultation on eight anticoagulant rodenticides closes on 12 September

ECHA has been collecting information to help the European Commission and Member States decide whether to renew the approval of eight anticoagulant rodenticide active substances. The final day to give your comments is 12 September.

Public consultation

Watch our Biocides Stakeholders' Day live

Get up-to-date on biocides! Our Stakeholders' Day on Thursday features updates and advice from industry, ECHA, European Commission and Member States.

Participate by watching the event live, sending your questions online and following the discussions on Twitter @EU_ECHA with the hashtag #BiocidesDay.

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Downstream users

New SPERC Factsheet Format published

A new factsheet format for specific environmental release categories (SPERCs) has been agreed by industry, EU Member States and ECHA as part of the CSR/ES Roadmap.

SPERC factsheets provide information about the conditions of use and the related releases to the environment in a downstream user sector. They support registrants to carry out the environmental part of the REACH chemical safety assessment. They are one of the exposure assessment inputs contained in the sector use maps.

Use maps | CSR/ES Roadmap


Webinar: How to use alternative methods to animal testing in your REACH registration

Want to stay on top of the recent developments in alternative methods and how to use these in your REACH registration? This webinar focuses on the alternative methods and approaches to address endpoints such as skin corrosion and irritation, serious eye damage and eye irritation, skin sensititation and acute toxicity. It will also give you an update on the recent changes in the REACH annexes. The webinar will take place on 22 September.

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Webinar: How to prepare your registration as a IUCLID dossier

Are you are registering a substance for the first time for REACH 2018 and want to know how to use IUCLID to create your registration dossier? Register now for the fifth webinar in our REACH 2018 series, which will take place on 4 October.

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Webinar: IUCLID 6 for advanced users - part 2

Are you an experienced user of IUCLID? If so, this webinar could be for you. It is built on the feedback received from companies after the release of IUCLID 6, and addresses the most frequently asked questions. We will also inform you about the upcoming IUCLID service releases and reply to your questions live. The webinar will take place on 7 September.

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Demonstration of the OECD Substitution and Alternatives Assessment (SAAT) Toolbox

The US Environmental Protection Agency and Abt Associates is organising a webinar to demonstrate the OECD Substitution and Alternatives Assessment Toolbox on 8 September, 2016, 10:00-11:00 am, PDT. The toolbox is designed as a comprehensive resource portal for information relevant to conducting an alternatives assessment. It is intended for a broad range of users with varying levels of expertise in the field.


Calls for information

Have a look at the 16 currently open consultations / calls for evidence on our home page.

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