ECHA Weekly - 13 January 2016

ECHA Weekly

Data-sharing clarified

A new implementing regulation adopted by the European Commission defines more clearly what the terms ‘fair, transparent and non-discriminatory' mean for data sharing in the REACH Regulation. It also gives ECHA the mandate to make sure that all registrants of the same substance are part of one joint registration.

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Survey finds laboratory capacity available for conducting EOGRTS

ECHA commissioned a study on global laboratory capacities to conduct extended one-generation reproductive toxicity studies (EOGRTS). In total, 22 laboratories were identified as capable of conducting these studies. It is estimated that for the years 2016, 2018 and 2020, these laboratories could deliver the following ranges of EOGRTS with basic study design: 88-114, 94-122 and 101-131. Regarding full study design, the ranges are 44-57, 49-63 and 61-79 for the respective years.

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New guidelines for characterising hydrocarbon solvent substances

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has published new guidance for characterising hydrocarbon solvents for assessment purposes. It aims to present a harmonised method for the characterisation of this group of UVCB substances (UVCBs: substances of Unknown or Variable composition, Complex reaction products or Biological materials). The guidance was developed through an OECD task force that included ECHA and the Hydrocarbon Solvents Producers Association (HSPA).

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Compliance checks in 2015 – focus on substances that matter the most

In 2015, ECHA started applying its new compliance check strategy focused on checking the dossiers of substances that matter the most for the protection of people and the environment. This meant high-tonnage registration dossiers with important data gaps and with a high potential for worker, consumer or environmental exposure. ECHA checked the dossiers of 107 high priority substances for compliance. In most cases, we drafted a decision requesting the registrant for the missing information. More statistics will follow in the annual evaluation report in February 2016.

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New CLH intention

Poland intends to submit a dossier to propose the harmonised classification and labelling for 2-Methyl-1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one (CAS 2527-66-4).

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Downstream users

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We invite all downstream users to play a role in the REACH 2018 preparations, by encouraging your suppliers to engage with these activities and to provide realistic and relevant information that contributes to the safe use of chemicals. In this section, we'll keep you informed on how REACH 2018 can affect you and will bring you regular updates on other REACH and CLP aspects important to downstream users.

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Calls for information

We highlight all new public consultations in this section. Consult the full list of open consultations on our website - currently 55 - and subscribe to our consultations RSS feed to stay up-to-date.


Lead and its compounds: restriction under consideration

ECHA is assessing the need to propose a restriction for the placing on the market and use of lead compounds to stabilise PVC and for the placing on the market of PVC articles stabilised with lead compounds (EC 231-100-4; CAS 7439-92-1). A call for evidence on this is open until 15 February 2016.

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Harmonised classification and labelling

Public consultations on harmonised classification and labelling proposals for three substances are open for comments until 5 February 2016.

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Member State Committee
2-4 February 2016

867 days until the REACH 2018 deadline


ECHA is looking for administrative assistants and seconded national experts


Workshop on REACH(ing) the WSSD 2020 goals
27-28 January 2016

Webinar on applications for authorisation: how to respond during public consultation
10 February 2016

REACH 2018: Get organised with your co-registrants
2 March 2016

Topical Scientific Workshop - New Approach Methodologies in Regulatory Science
19-20 April 2016

Stakeholders' Day
25 May 2016


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Summary report: Valuing selected health impacts of chemicals

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