ECHA publishes best practices for qualitative assessment of human health risks

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The new Practical Guide helps to improve the overall quality of information presented in the chemical safety reports

Helsinki, 20 November 2012 - ECHA has issued Practical Guide 15 on "How to perform a qualitative human health assessment and report it in a Chemical Safety Report". It is intended for REACH registrants, particularly those who are preparing for the REACH 2013 deadline.

The guide supports registrants in performing a qualitative risk characterisation for human health effects where a threshold cannot be established. It describes the methodologies and tools that can be applied, how the appropriate risk management measures can be selected and how the qualitative assessment can be documented in a chemical safety report. These aspects are illustrated by examples from typical occupational settings.

A well-founded qualitative assessment should establish conditions for the safe use of chemicals, using risk management measures that are appropriate and proportionate. The key information from the chemical safety report is summarised in the extended safety data sheets. By generating reliable information on how to use chemicals safely, registrants comply with their legal requirements and contribute to achieving a primary aim of REACH, namely, to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment. 

The Practical Guide is based on Part E (Risk Characterisation) of the Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment.


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