ECHA e-News: special edition on REACH 2018

This is an occasional update from ECHA that focuses on the last registation deadline.
REACH 2018 Special e-News

Phase 1: Know you portfolio and start preparing now

Get ready for the last registration deadline for chemicals

All chemical substances produced or imported in the European Economic Area between 1 and 100 tonnes a year need to be registered by 31 May 2018 with ECHA. This is the last deadline for existing chemicals under the REACH Regulation. It will complete the gathering of data on substances manufactured or used in Europe, and will ultimately improve human health and the environment.

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Do you need to register?

Whether or not you need to register, depends on three factors: your role in the supply chain; any exemptions applicable to your substance; and the volume of your manufacture or import.

Manufacturing, marketing and using non-registered chemical substances is illegal. In addition, some chemicals are hazardous for human health or the environment. By registering, you gain knowledge of your substances and will be able to take responsible action. You will be able to manage chemical risks in your business and to play your part in protecting human health and the environment.

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REACH 2018
webinar - last call

Webinar - phase 1: Know your portfolio and start preparing now
24 June, 11:00 Helsinki time
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Do you know the identity of your substances?

Correct substance identification is essential for your REACH registration. It enables you to share information with other companies registering the same substance and consequently, create a joint registration together. The sharing of information will prevent unnecessary animal testing as well as reduce costs.

How to identify your substance | Sector-specific support

What information is required for your registration?

As a registrant of a chemical substance, you need to compile all the required information in a registration dossier, which has two main components: a technical dossier; and a chemical safety report, which you need if you manufacture or import a substance in quantities of 10 tonnes or more a year.

Your registration dossier has to be prepared using the IUCLID software application. Once your dossier has been created with IUCLID, it has to be submitted to ECHA through REACH-IT.

What information you need to submit

How does registration impact your business?

Demonstrating the safe use of your substance in a registration dossier requires a significant investment of time, money and expertise. You have to cooperate with co-registrant companies to agree on how to share the cost of the necessary hazard data and related work on the risk assessment.

By registering, you are able to show to your customers that you are a responsible supplier who has contributed to the safer use of chemicals.

What to consider for your business | Investor perspective: why REACH matters for your bottom line

Practical tips & case studies
Ms Christel Musset,
Director of Registration:

Does the REACH 2018 registration deadline affect you?

MussetIs your company one of the many that is preparing a REACH registration dossier for the first time? If you are, you can be happy – you have already overcome the first hurdle: you know that the 2018 deadline affects your company and you are starting early!

ECHA Newsletter, editorial

Dr Stuart Niven, Harlan Laboratories Ltd.

Get your substance identity right – here's how

NivenIdentifying your substance is one of the first steps you need to take when preparing a registration dossier under REACH. Dr Stuart Niven, Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager at Harlan Laboratories Ltd, gives advice to small and medium sized enterprises and other REACH registrants on the key aspects in building an accurate substance identity.

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Dr. Rene Hunziker, Dow Europe GmbH

REACH 2018: how to meet your information requirements

HunzikerDr René Hunziker explains how Dow is gathering information to fulfil the legal requirements for the substances they are preparing to register in 2018. His message is: start now, plan your testing strategy and use the available support to help you.

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QSAR Toolbox - a smart way to fill your data gaps

QSARDo you know what the QSAR Toolbox is? Companies and authorities are increasingly using it to group chemicals into categories and to fill data gaps by read-across or trend analysis – thereby avoiding the need to test substances on animals, and saving money. You can also use the wealth of data in the Toolbox completely free of charge.

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