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Scientific workshop on nanomaterials

23-24 October 2014

This week, ECHA organises a two-day scientific workshop on regulatory challenges in risk assessment of nanomaterials. Over 200 experts from all over the world will gather in Helsinki on Thursday and Friday to discuss how to assess the risks of nanomaterials. The guests represent industry, academia, non-governmental organisations, national and international authorities.

This event is part of ECHA's strategic objective to address scientific challenges by serving as a hub for building the scientific and regulatory capacity of Member States, European institutions and other actors.

Event page | Programme

ECHA next week

MSC-38 meeting
28-29 October 2014

October issue of the ECHA Newsletter published

The October issue of the ECHA Newsletter has been published. In this issue, we tell among other topics about ECHA's new compliance check strategy, the new web content for REACH 2018 and about an important new review on alternative methods to avoid testing on animals. You can also read an interview with a company who is preparing their first application for Union authorisation for a biocidal product and find out how companies have helped one another with REACH requirements in Belgium. The Newsletter is also always available in PDF format.

Read the Newsletter online | PDF version

Commission consults the public on criteria to identify Endocrine Disruptors

The European Commission has launched an online consultation to help define criteria for endocrine disruptors as required by the regulations on biocidal and plant protection products. All citizens and organisations are invited to contribute to the consultation which will be open until 16 January 2015. Replies to the public consultation will, subject to confidentiality rules, be published following the closure of the consultation.

Public consultation | Background information

Let us know how you feel about our website

Last week, we launched our website user satisfaction survey and want to know your opinions about our website and its content. Your feedback is really valuable to us and will help us to improve the website in the coming years. You can access the survey on the ECHA website homepage, through the banner above or through the link below.

The survey will be open until 4 November 2014.

Website user satisfaction survey

New CLH consultation launched on two pesticides and a biocide

ECHA has started a 45-day public commenting period on the harmonised classification and labelling (CLH) proposal for azadirachtin, margosa extract and terbuthylazine.

The CLH proposals for azadirachtin and margosa, ext. were submitted by Germany. Azadirachtin (CAS number 11141-17-6) is used as an insecticide and acaricide. The substance does not yet have harmonised classification and the dossier submitter proposes classification for reproductive toxicity, skin sensitisation and environmental hazards. Margosa, ext. (EC number 283-644-7) is authorised in the EU as biocidal product for use as an insecticide, acaricide and to control other arthropods. Currently, there is no harmonised classification for the substance and the dossier submitter proposes classification for reproductive toxicity, skin sensitisation and environmental hazards. Terbuthylazine (EC number 227-637-9) is used in the EU as a herbicide. This pesticide does not have a harmonised classification and the dossier submitter (United Kingdom) is proposing classification for acute toxicity, specific target organ toxicity (repeated exposure), carcinogencity and environmental hazards.

The final date for submitting comments for the three proposals is 5 December 2014.

Ongoing consultations

New formulators web pages launched

The new pages direct formulators to relevant and useful information on the ECHA website to help them to fulfil their obligations under REACH and CLP. The web pages also provide new information, such as communicating information from exposure scenarios further downstream. Find out about mixture classification, when you need to communicate with your suppliers, and what you can expect to receive from your suppliers, and what and how you need to communicate further down the supply chain to your customers. Translated pages will follow in due time.

Formulators pages

Announcement of new appeal

The Board of Appeal has published an announcement of a new appeal. Case A-010-2014 concerns a compliance check decision.

Appeal announcements

Amendment to the PIC Regulation published

An amendment to Annex I of the PIC Regulation has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The amendment is not yet complete, and will be integrated by corrigendum which is foreseen to be published in the coming weeks.

Official Journal


Webinar on mixture classification and communicating safe use of mixtures – draft agenda available

5 November 2014, 11:00 – 13:00 Helsinki Time (EEST, GMT +2)

The webinar covers the classification of mixtures and how information on their safe use can be communicated in the supply chain. It aims to help formulators and importers understand and implement their obligations according to the REACH and CLP regulations for mixtures. In anticipation of the 2015 deadline for classifying mixtures according to CLP, the webinar describes the steps a supplier should take to (re)classify mixtures. It also describes how formulators can handle and communicate the information they receive in exposure scenarios for hazardous substances. The related REACH and CLP obligations are outlined and participants are guided to the wide range of support material that is available to help fulfil their obligations.

Draft agenda

Ongoing consultations

Start: 18 September 2014
Deadline: 3 November 2014

47 testing proposals

Start: 16 October 2014
Deadline: 1 December 2014
33 testing proposals

Identification of substances of very high concern

No ongoing consultations

Draft recommendation of substances for the Authorisation List

Start: 1 September 2014
Deadline: 30 November 2014

22 substances

Harmonised classification and labelling

Start: 9 September 2014
Deadline: 24 October 2014
2 CLH proposals

Start: 26 September 2014
10 November 2014
4 CLH proposals

Start: 14 October 2014
28 November 2014

1 CLH proposal

Start: 21 October 2014
5 December 2014
3 CLH proposals


Start: 16 September 2014
Deadline: 14 November 2014
2 consultations on SEAC draft opinion

Start: 15 October 2014
Deadline: 29 November 2014

2 calls for evidence

Start: 18 June 2014
Deadline: 18 December 2014
2 restriction proposals

Start: 17 September 2014
Deadline: 17 March 2015
1 restriction proposal

Applications for authorisation

No ongoing consultations

Biocides consultation

No ongoing consultations

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