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CLH Guidance

Updated Guidance for Member States on the preparation of dossiers for harmonised classification and labelling

The updated document clarifies the role of dossier quality, the CLH report format and content, the alignment of the links between CLH and Plant Protection Product/Biocide Products processes, the assessment of hazard classes, and ECHA's support for the Member State submitting the dossier.

CLH Guidance | Consultation procedure

New public consultations on alternatives to trichloroethylene (TCE) and diarsenic trioxide

ECHA welcomes information on alternatives to trichloroethylene (TCE) and diarsenic trioxide for certain specific uses. The consultation period closes on 8 October 2014 (23:59 Helsinki time).

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New Biocides Transitional Guidance document on embalming products

The Transitional Guidance document aims to help companies submitting requests for authorisation. The full guidance will be provided in due course.

News alert | Transitional Guidance

CLH Registry of Intentions updated

Member states are intending to submit harmonised classification and labelling dossiers for pymetrozine (ISO) and for a reaction mass of 1-[2-(2-aminobutoxy)ethoxy]but-2-ylamine and 1-({[2-(2-aminobutoxy)ethoxy]methyl}propoxy)but-2-ylamine.

The German Competent Authority has also submitted a dossier recommending removal of the existing classification and labelling in Annex VI of CLP for the chemical 3,3'-dicyclohexyl-1,1'-methylenebis(4,1-phenylene)diurea.

Current CLH intentions | Submitted CLH proposals

New CLH consultation for the pesticide Tefluthrin

ECHA has started a 45-day public commenting period on the harmonised classification and labelling (CLH) proposal for the pesticide Tefluthrin. The substance is an insecticide, mainly used to protect sugar beet and fodder beet. Tefluthrin does not have an existing harmonised classification and the dossier submitter (Germany) proposes a classification for acute toxicity, specific target organ toxicity – repeated exposure (nervous system) and environmental hazards. The deadline for submitting comments is 26 September 2014.

Current CLH consultations

First decision on an application to use a substance subject to authorisation

The European Commission issued on 9 August 2014 its first decision to authorise a specific use of plasticiser Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) during the diffusion bonding and manufacture of aero engine fan blades. The authorisation is valid till 21 February 2022. The authorisation holder is Rolls-Royce plc.


PIC exporters - only one week left in which to act

PIC exporters need to take action now, to make sure that their data (export notifications, special Reference Identification Number (RIN) requests and details on mixtures and articles) is migrated from EDEXIM to the new submission system, ePIC. The "ownership" of the data must be digitally assigned to each company using a unique identifier that is recognised by both systems. This Legal Entity Universal Unique Identifier (LE UUID) can be obtained from REACH-IT. Please log into EDEXIM, where you will find detailed instructions, and provide your LE UUID no later than 22 August 2014. If the deadline is missed, the data cannot be migrated.



ePIC industry webinar

26 August 2014, 11:00 - 13:00 Helsinki Time (EEST, GMT+3)

The webinar provides an overview of how to use the ePIC tool to meet obligations under the Prior Informed Consent Regulation. Check the draft agenda and register as soon as possible.

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Biocides Stakeholders' Day – Register today!

24 September 2014, Helsinki

The Stakeholders' Day provides information on the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) including the tools and support available for companies. The objective of the event is to ensure that companies are aware of their roles and obligations and to assist them in meeting the relevant BPR requirements.

The conference programme features four plenary sessions with information ranging from legislative developments to available support for companies. The day is open to all and the content will be of particular relevance to European and national trade associations, SMEs, large companies and representatives of civil society. One-to-one sessions between participants and ECHA staff on key topics will also be organised.

Participation at the conference is free of charge. Register today.

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Ongoing consultations

Start: 15 July 2014
Deadline: 29 August 2014

65 testing proposals

Identification of substances of very high concern

No ongoing consultations

Draft recommendation of substances for the Authorisation List

No ongoing consultations

Harmonised classification and labelling

Start: 8 July 2014
Deadline: 22 August 2014
3 CLH proposals

Start: 30 July 2014
Deadline: 15 September 2014
1 CLH proposal

Start: 12 August 2014
Deadline: 26 September 2014
1 CLH proposal


Start: 18 June 2014
Deadline: 18 August 2014
1 consultation on SEAC draft opinion

Start: 3 June 2014
Deadline: 30 August 2014
1 call for evidence

Start: 19 March 2014
Deadline: 19 September 2014
2 restriction proposals

Start: 18 June 2014
Deadline: 18 December 2014
2 restriction proposals

Applications for authorisation

Start: 13 August 2014
8 October 2014
3 consultations

Biocides consultation

Start: 16 June 2014
Deadline: 15 August 2014
2 consultations

Start: 4 July 2014
Deadline: 2 Septmeber 2014
1 consultation

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