ECHA e-News - 11 March 2015

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ECHA's annual evaluation report published

The REACH Evaluation Report 2014 shows that a considerable share of the examined registration dossiers still requires improvement. At the same time, more registrants comply with ECHA's dossier evaluation decisions.

Pursuant to Article 54 of the REACH Regulation, ECHA publishes a report on evaluation by the end of February each year.

Press release | Evaluation under REACH Progress Report 2014 | Evaluation web pages

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37th meeting of the Management Board
19-20 March 2015

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Reminder to companies: report your actual exports and imports by end of March

During the first quarter of each year, companies who are trading chemicals subject to the Prior Informed Consent Regulation (PIC Regulation) should provide information on the actual quantities of chemicals exported or imported during the previous year (in accordance with Article 10 of PIC).

The deadline for submitting the 2014 reports is 31 March 2015. The reports should be submitted by using the dedicated feature in the PIC IT-tool ePIC.

Annual reporting on PIC exports and imports | ePIC web page

New consultation for harmonised classification and labelling launched on the biocide 5-chloro-2-(4-chlorophenoxy)phenol

ECHA has launched a 45-day public commenting period on the harmonised classification and labelling (CLH) proposal for 5-chloro-2-(4-chlorophenoxy)phenol (EC number 429-290-0) submitted by Austria. This substance is used, for example, in human hygiene biocidal products, private and public health area disinfectants and food and feed area disinfectants.

There is currently a harmonised classification for this biocidal active substance, and the dossier submitter is proposing additions of M-factors for the environmental classification. The final date for submitting comments is 24 April 2015.

Current CLH consultations

Registry of Intentions updated


A new intention to restrict the following four classified phthalates in articles (bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP), dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP)), pursuant to Article 69(2) of the REACH Regulation, has been added to the Registry of Intentions.

After the sunset date for a substance listed in Annex XIV, the Agency shall consider whether the use of that substance in articles poses a risk to human health or the environment that is not adequately controlled. If the Agency considers that the risk is not adequately controlled, it shall prepare a dossier which conforms to the requirements of Annex XV.

Current Restriction intentions

On 2 March 2015, the Austrian Member State competent authority withdrew the intended re-submission of 25 harmonised classification and labelling dossiers for Straight Chain Lepidopteran Pheromones (SCLP) covering alcohols, aldehydes and acetates groups. These are active substances in plant protection products.

Withdrawn CLH intentions and submissions

Five new intentions for risk management option analysis received

The Public Activities Coordination Tool (PACT) has been updated with five new intentions for risk management option analysis (RMOA) development.

Austria has sent an RMOA intention for nitrobenzene (EC 202-716-0). Belgium has sent an RMOA intention for 4,4'-sulphonyldiphenol (EC 201-250-5). Sweden has sent RMOA intentions for 2-ethylhexyl acrylate (EC 203-080-7), (1-methyl-1,2-ethanediyl)bis[oxy(methyl-2,1-ethanediyl)] diacrylate (EC 256-032-2) and perfluorononan-1-oic acid (PFNA) (EC 203-856-5).

PACT-RMOA substances

Public consultations on Annex XV restriction reports

ECHA is changing the way it publishes the responses to the six-month public consultation on Annex XV restriction reports submitted to the Agency. To improve the information received and allow potential respondents to see the responses already submitted we will no longer just publish them at the end of the process. Instead, we intend to publish the comments made in relation to a public consultation once a month during the duration of the consultation (except those elements which have been claimed confidential).

No response from the dossier submitter or the rapporteurs will be made until the end of the process as is the current practice. This process will start from the end of March for DecaBDE and PFOA and then for all new consultations.


10th Stakeholders' Day - focus on practical examples for REACH 2018, improving dossier quality and risk management

27 May 2015, Helsinki

The programme is available on the ECHA website and presents among others, the key steps for registrants to consider ahead of the REACH 2018 deadline, ECHA's new compliance check strategy, substance evaluation case studies and preparing your application for authorisation.

Industry participants also have the possibility to book one-to-one sessions with the Agency's scientific experts during the conference to discuss specific topics and to receive advice and guidance for key processes relevant to the implementation of the European chemicals legislation. The conference takes place at ECHA's premises in Helsinki and will be web-streamed live. Participation to the conference is free-of-charge.

For any event related enquiries, contact us at:

Register | Event page | Programme

Ongoing consultations

Start: 16 February 2015
Deadline: 2 April 2015

21 testing proposals

Identification of substances of very high concern

Start: 3 March 2015
Deadline: 16 April 2015

2 SVHC proposals

Draft recommendation of substances for the Authorisation List

No ongoing consultations

Harmonised classification and labelling

Start: 3 February 2015
Deadline: 20 March 2015

1 CLH proposal

Start: 10 February 2015
Deadline: 27 March 2015

1 CLH proposal

Start: 18 February 2015
Deadline: 7 April 2015

1 CLH proposal

Start: 10 March 2015
Deadline: 24 April 2015

1 CLH proposal (new)


Start: 17 September 2014
Deadline: 17 March 2015
1 restriction proposal

Start: 17 December 2014
Deadline: 17 June 2015
1 restriction proposal

Applications for authorisation

Start: 11 February 2015
Deadline: 8 April 2015

1 consultation

Biocides consultation

Start: 9 February 2015
Deadline: 10 April 2015

2 active substances

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