ECHA calls for stakeholders to work on Biocides

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ECHA is looking to engage stakeholders in its work under the new Biocidal Products Regulation, which enters into operation in September 2013.

Helsinki, 29 January 2013 – Umbrella organisations, whose members represent biocide-related sectors, are encouraged to indicate their interest in having an active role in ECHA's work. Cooperation might include participating in the meetings of the Biocidal Products Committee, HelpNet, scientific consultations, updating Guidance documents, reaching out to target audiences and other collaborative activities.;

To qualify, organisations must become an ECHA Accredited Stakeholder Organisation. Accreditation is based on a set of criteria that includes being not-for-profit and operating at an EU-wide level, and representing its field of competence.

ECHA has currently 64 Accredited Stakeholder Organisations, representing industry, NGOs, trade unions and academia. These umbrella organisations contribute to the Agency's work by providing scientific and technical expertise and facilitating a dialogue between ECHA and the various fields affected by the chemicals legislations.

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