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REACH 2018

Find your co-registrants

Companies manufacturing or importing the same substance will need to work together to prepare their registration. This is an obligation under the REACH Regulation. Therefore, companies preparing for the 2018 registration deadline need to find their co-registrants and establish substance sameness early enough. Start by finding out which substances have been registered on ECHA's website.

Press release (translated) | REACH 2018 phases | Registration support

ECHA next week

Risk Assessment Committee
24-27 November

ECHA consults on 11 substances to be proposed for authorisation

ECHA invites comments on a proposal to include 11 new substances in the Authorisation List. If a substance is included in the List (Annex XIV of REACH), it can be placed on the market or used after a given date only if an authorisation is granted for a specific use. Comments can be given by 18 February 2016.

Press release | Authorisation

Newsletter presents a new way to get information on chemicals

In the November issue of ECHA's Newsletter, we promote our new way to present information on chemicals, which will be launched in January 2016. We also have articles on REACH 2018 and the Article 95 deadline for biocides. Dr Sylvie Lemoine of A.I.S.E. tells us how industry coped with the CLP deadline for mixtures.

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Watch our latest video: How REACH and CLP affect downstream users

The video explains what REACH and CLP mean for downstream users. It complements our first video "Who is a downstream user under REACH and CLP" and together they give a basic overview of who downstream users are, how they are affected by the European chemicals legislation and where they can find further information. The video will be translated into 22 languages. Share it with your networks.

Video: How REACH and CLP affect downstream users | Video: Who is a downstream user under REACH and CLP? | Downstream user webpage

Registry of intentions updated


Sweden plans to re-submit a dossier proposing the identification of dicyclohexyl phthalate (EC 201-545-9; CAS 84-61-7) as a substance of very high concern (SVHC) in 2016. The current submission for the substance has been withdrawn.


The United Kingdom plans to submit a CLH dossier for metaflumizone (ISO); (EZ)-2'-[2-(4-cyanophenyl)-1-(α,α,α-trifluoro-m-tolyl)ethylidene]-[4-(trifluoromethoxy)phenyl]carbanilohydrazide (CAS 139968-49-3).

Two new CLH proposals were submitted by Italy and Germany:

  • disodium 4-amino-6-((4-((4-(2,4-diaminophenyl)azo)phenylsulfamoyl)phenyl)azo)-5-hydroxy-3-((4-nitrophenyl)azo)naphthalene-2,7-disulfonate (EC 421-880-6; CAS 201792-73-6)
  • 4,4'-sulfonylbisphenol, polymer with ammonium chloride (NH4Cl), pentachlorophosphorane and phenol (EC 439-270-3; CAS 260408-02-4).

Current SVHC intensions | Current CLH intentions | Submitted CLH proposals

Corrigendum to Guidance on safety data sheets published

ECHA has published a corrigendum to the Guidance on the compilation of safety data sheets to correct the quotation of the legal text of Regulation (EU) 2015/830 and the highlighting of the new legal text in some of the translated versions. Minor editorial corrections have also been made in all language versions (except Danish).

Guidance on the compilation of safety data sheets


REACH 2018 webinar: presentations available

Did you miss our webinar on 18 November? Have a look at the presentations. The video recording will be available soon. This is the second webinar of a series focusing on practical information to successfully register by the deadline of 31 May 2018.

REACH 2018 webinar: Find your co-registrants and prepare to work together

Ongoing consultations

Start: 1 November 2015
Deadline: 16 December 2015

4 testing proposals

Identification of substances of very high concern

No ongoing consultations

Draft recommendation of substances for the Authorisation List

Start: 18 November 2015
Deadline: 18 February 2016
11 substances (new)

Harmonised classification and labelling

Start: 7 October 2015
Deadline: 23 November 2015

2 CLH proposals

Start: 20 October 2015
Deadline: 4 December 2015

1 CLH proposal

Start: 27 October 2015
Deadline: 11 December 2015

2 CLH proposals


Start: 18 June 2015
18 December 2015
1 restriction proposal

Applications for authorisation

Start: 11 November 2015
Deadline: 7 January 2016
3 consultations

Calls for comments and evidence

Start: 8 October 2015
Deadline: 1 December 2015

1 substance

Biocides consultation

No ongoing consultations

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