Draft CoRAP to evaluate 138 substances in 2016-2018 published

Draft CoRAP to evaluate 138 substances in 2016-2018 published


ECHA has prepared a proposal to update the Community rolling action plan (CoRAP) for 2016-2018. The Member States are planning to evaluate 138 substances, out of which 53 are newly selected. The final plan will be adopted in March 2016.

Helsinki, 28 October 2015 - The 138 substances are allocated for evaluation during 2016, 2017 and 2018. The draft plan has been prepared in close cooperation with the Member States, taking into account risk-based criteria for the selection of substances. The draft CoRAP includes the non-confidential substance names, CAS and EC numbers, the tentative year of evaluation, contact details of the proposed evaluating Member State as well as a brief indication of the initial area of concern.

ECHA's Member State Committee starts discussing the proposal this week and will prepare an opinion on the draft plan in February 2016. Based on the opinion, ECHA will adopt the final CoRAP update for 2016-2018 and publish it in March 2016.

ECHA encourages registrants of the listed substances to start coordinating their actions and to contact the evaluating Member States. From the publication of the final CoRAP update, the Member States will have one year to evaluate the substances specified for 2016. Where necessary, they will prepare a draft decision for requesting further information to clarify the suspected risks.