National Inspectorates - Cyprus

The competent authority responsible for the enforcement of the REACH and CLP regulations in Cyprus is the Department of Labour Inspection of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance.

From 1.10.2008 a new Section has been established within the Department named "Section on Chemical Substances". This newly created Section is now dealing with all issues concerning REACH and the CLP Regulation, as well as other European and international legislation on Dangerous Chemical Substances.

Authorities responsible for REACH and CLP enforcement

Authorities responsible for Biocides enforcement

The Cyprus Competent Authority for the enforcement of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) is the Plant Protection Products and Biocides Board. The Board has authorized the Department of Agriculture to act on its behalf as the enforcement Authority in Cyprus. Consequently, BPR is enforced through the section of Agrochemicals control, which coordinates the regional control units of the Department of Agriculture.

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