National Inspectorates - United Kingdom

The UK enforcement regime for REACH has been implemented by the REACH Enforcement Regulations 2008.  These Regulations allocate responsibility for REACH enforcement to a number of enforcing authorities and provide them with the powers they need. The Regulations also require enforcing authorities to cooperate and share information with other bodies connected to REACH enforcement, and they set down the offences and penalties for contraventions of REACH requirements.

You can find out more information about REACH enforcement in the UK by visiting the enforcement page of the UK REACH Competent Authority's website.

Authorities responsible for REACH enforcement

The authorities with responsibilities to enforce REACH in the UK are those with existing remits to protect human health, consumer safety, and the environment:

Authorities responsible for CLP enforcement

HSE in Great Britain, and HSENI in Northern Ireland, are the UK enforcing authorities for CLP in all circumstances apart from the following:

  • for supply to consumers by retail sale (or otherwise) - where CLP is enforced by local (or district) authorities' trading standards departments
  • for enforcement of provisions on advertising, child-resistant fastenings and tactile warning devices - again where CLP is enforced by trading standards depts
  • for enforcement of CLP in premises registered under s75 of the Medicines Act 1968 (i.e. pharmacies) - where CLP is enforced by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Please visit the enforcement page of the UK REACH Competent Authority's website for information on the roles of these enforcing authorities in REACH enforcement, and the arrangements for coordination and information sharing between them.

Authorities responsible for BPR enforcement

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