Workshop on Nanomaterials, 30 – 31 May 2012, Helsinki

ECHA hosted a workshop to discuss the scientific and regulatory aspects of nanomaterials evaluation under the REACH Regulation. The purpose of the workshop was to share experiences with and generate consensus among the Member State competent authorities (MSCA) and Member State Committee (MSC) members on safety information for nanomaterials in REACH registration dossiers. Based on the findings and recommendations from the workshop and ECHA's current legal analysis, the Agency has also started to address the first nanomaterial substances under dossier evaluation (compliance check) in 2012 and will continue further into 2013. Under substance evaluation, the MSCAs will assess three CoRAP (Community Rolling Action Plan) substances including possible nanoforms to be evaluated in 2012 (silicon dioxide), 2013 (silver) and 2014 (titanium dioxide).
The workshop was attended by 56 representatives from the Member State competent authorities, members of the Member State Committee, European Commission (DG Enterprise (DG ENT), DG Environment (DG ENV) and Joint Research Centre (JRC), Accredited Stakeholder Observers, Group Assessing Already Registered Nanomaterials (GAARN) members and ECHA.

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