Workshop on Abatement Costs of Chemicals

On 6 October 2010, ECHA organised a workshop to discuss ECHA's plans to develop the capabilities to estimate abatement cost of certain chemicals, and to discuss the role and the interest of different stakeholders in this development. Furthermore the objective was to review a study "Abatement cost curves for chemicals of concern Report on a pilot study – methodology and indicative examples" carried out by the contractor to the Environment Agency in the UK. Some 30 experts participated in the workshop.

In the workshop there was a general agreement that having good, transparent information of abatement costs should be beneficial both for industry and the authorities. Such information would help authorities in finding most cost-effective ways to regulate negative impacts of chemicals. Companies would benefit from such information by identifying cost-effective means to reduce negative impacts of chemicals.


The presentations addressed the current practices in gathering and assessing cost information in other policy areas and related ongoing work in the field of chemicals. They also presented ECHA's tentative proposal on how to proceed with the project with examples on practical limitations and possibilities of the future work.

Note: all the presentations are in pdf format

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