Two-week interruption of the inquiry process in November

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The new version of REACH-IT to be launched in November will have a major improvement for potential registrants that submit an inquiry before being able to register. ECHA wishes to inform companies that, in order to permit the change-over, inquiries will not be processed two weeks ahead of the release.

Helsinki, 25 September 2012 – At the end of November 2012, ECHA will release the last version of REACH-IT before the 2013 registration deadline. This version will offer an enhanced system for processing inquiries.

The main benefit for users will be to access the contact details of existing registrants directly within REACH-IT once ECHA has ascertained the identity of the substance. ECHA will no longer send the contact details in a paper version. In parallel, ECHA will enhance its technical completeness check plug-in tool (TCC) to allow potential registrants to check their inquiry dossier and increase its overall quality prior to submission. These two improvements are expected to shorten the time a company needs to go from the initial preparation of an inquiry to the readiness to register.

Note that the new release will not affect the main requirements to prepare and submit inquiry dossiers.

The implementation of the improved inquiry process will require a two-week interruption of the service of processing inquiry dossiers in ECHA. Although it will be possible to submit inquiry dossiers to ECHA on a continuous basis, ECHA advises future inquirers to take this disruption period into account in their planning of REACH activities.

The REACH-IT homepage will be updated regularly to provide more details closer to the release date.


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