National Inspectorates - Slovakia

A system of official controls of REACH is maintained by inspection bodies. The objectives of their inspections depend on the area of responsibility of each authority and are specified by their respective "competency acts".

In general REACH inspectors in Slovakia are entitled to:

  • order that corrective measures be taken,
  • impose fines in administrative proceedings if they reveal non-compliance with duties imposed by REACH,
  • impose a disciplinary fine if a duty holder obstructs inspectors in the course of their duty.

Other authorities offer assistance to REACH enforcers. For example the Centre for Chemical Substances and Preparations offers advice to enforcers while the Ministry of Economy organises conferences and provides for coordination of inspection activities.

Authorities responsible for REACH enforcement

Authorities responsible for Biocides enforcement

The enforcement of the BPR Regulation (placing on the market of biocidal products and treated products, their use and the evaluation of active substances in biocidal products) falls within the competence of the following authorities:

For more details please see Description of the BPR enforcement authorities in Slovakia [PDF]

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