National Inspectorates - Greece

In Greece the responsibility for enforcement lies with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, General Chemical State Laboratory – Division of Environment and implies inspections of companies producing, importing and distributing  substances, mixtures and articles within the framework of REACH  and controls during imports of these goods, performed at the borders by the officials of the GCSL in cooperation with the Customs Authorities

The inspections are performed by a network of inspectors (25 chemists/chemical engineers) officials of the GCSL with experience in  chemicals legislation and in relevant inspections and who are adequately trained

Inspections are usually announced to the companies prior to the inspection and are planned annually and executed by the regional Chemical Departments of the G.C.S.L. with the co-ordination and the supervision of the Division of Environment

The findings of each inspection are communicated to the company inspected after the completion of the inspection and in case of non-compliance with the requirements of the legislation sanctions are imposed according to the national legislation

Authorities responsible for REACH enforcement

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