Read the safety data sheets

Safety data sheets contain information on how you can handle chemicals safely and protect yourself. Your supplier needs to provide safety data sheets for the hazardous substances and mixtures that you use.

Your employer should give you access to them. For substances produced in large quantities, the safety data sheets should contain even more information on how the chemical can be used safely. For substances, this information is given in the exposure scenarios attached to the safety data sheets. For mixtures, it may be in the main body of the safety data sheet.

Your employer has to check all this information and apply the appropriate risk management measures described, or else take a different action. This is to make sure that exposure to chemicals in the workplace is controlled.

Some workers help to check the exposure scenario in their workplace. If you do this (for example, as a workers' representative), a practical guide is available to help you. The downstream user pages of the ECHA website may also be useful in helping you to understand your employer's roles and responsibilities regarding the use of the extended safety data sheets.

Make sure that you and other workers in your company understand and apply the measures based on the extended safety data sheets. If not, under the worker protection legislation, you can ask your employer for training.

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