Upcoming consultation on applications for authorisation

Below is the current plan for consultations on applications that have been submitted to date. It is provided to ensure that third parties have sufficient time to get organised and prepare their comments for 8-week consultation. 

Applications covered by the upcoming consultation on applications for authorisation starting on 19 May 2021


Name EC Number CAS Number Application type Deadline for consultation Applicant(s) Use name
Chromium trioxide 15-607-8 1333-82-0 Initial 14/07/2021 Betz-Chrom GmbH Chromium trioxide-based functional chrome plating of components with divers geometries and dimensions, requiring specialized equipment and process knowledge, for application in demanding industry sectors such as mechanical engineering, metalworking and processing, aerospace, automotive, and medical technology
Chromium trioxide 215-607-8 1333-82-0 Initial 14/07/2021 Maschinenfabrik Kaspar Walter GmbH & Co KG

Use 1: Formulation of chromium trioxide-based electrolyte for electroplating process

Use 2: Chromium trioxide based functional chrome plating of cylinders used in the rotogravure printing and embossing industry

Chromium trioxide 215-607-8 1333-82-0 Initial 14/07/2021 Kesseboehmer Beschlagsysteme GmbH & Co. KG Use of chromium trioxide for decorative/functional application in the furniture, sanitary and automotive sector.
Chromic acid 231-801-5
Initial 14/07/2021 Neoperl GmbH The use of chromic acid in the functional electroplating of brassmade sanitary articles with the specific purpose of obtaining a final Cr(0) coating that provides a surface with high durability and chemical resistance.

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