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The following studies are available for fenitrothion:

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5.1.2,Key Study, Takarazuka Research Center, 1988, (HM-080-0094)

Hydrolysis of Fenitrothion in Water as a Function of pH at 25°C

DT50 Half-life

at 25°C

191-200days at pH5

180-186days at pH7

100-101days at pH9

Hydrolysis rate constant

at 25°C

3.46 - 3.63 day-1 

at pH5

3.73 - 3.85 day-1 

at pH7

6.88 - 6.96 day-1 

at pH9

5.1.2 Supporting Study, Laboratry of Biochemistry and Toxicology Takarazuka Research Center , 1981, (HW-10-0212)

Hydrolysis in Water

DT50 Half-life at pH7:

200-630days at 15°C

17-61days at 30°C

4-8days at 45°C

Hydrolysis rate constant

1.5x108sec-1at 15°C

1.4x107sec-1at 30°C

1.1x108sec-1at 45°C

Additional information

5.1.2,Key Study, Takarazuka Research Center, 1988, (HM-080-0094)

Degradation products as well as fenitrothion were tentatively identified by two-dimensional thin-layer co-chromatography with authentic standards and their chemical identities were confirmed by high-performance liquid chromatography.

1. demethylated fenitrothion (DM-SMT)

(dominant degradation product at pH5 and pH7)

2. 3-methyl-4 -nitrophenol (NMC)

(dominant degradation product at pH9)