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Testing of organisms representing three trophic levels have been conducted in accordance with GLP Standards and OECD test guidelines, due to the poor water solubility of the test substance water accommodated fractions were used in all tests to provide a conservative environment of exposure.

For animal welfare purposes the acute toxicity of the test item to the freshwater fish rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) has been investigated using the threshold approach (e.g. aligned with the lowest algae endpoint).

The acute fish test resulted in:

a)     96h - LL50 value of greater than ≥1.1 mg/Lloading rate WAF.

Exposure of the freshwater invertebrate Daphnia magna to the test item has been investigated and gave the following results at 48 Hours:

a)     48h-EL50 (mg/L Loading Rate WAF): 3.9

b) Lowest Observed Effect Loading Rate (LOEL) (mg/L loading rate WAF) = 5.6

The effect of the test item on the growth of Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata has been investigated over a 72-Hour period and gave the following results:

a)       72h-EL50 (Growth rate) (mg/l loading rate WAF):1.1(Acute Regulatory endpoint,used for PNEC derivation)As described in ECHA guidance Table R.10 -4 an assessment factor of 1000 has been applied. The No Observed Effect Loading rate was 0.125 mg/L loading rate WAF.

b)       NOEL (Growth rate) (mg/l loading rate WAF): 0.125mg/l(Chronic Regulatory endpoint)

c)       LOEL (Growth rate) (mg/L loading rate WAF): 0.25


The conclusions above show the potential risk to acute aquatic toxicity. To ensure a conservative approach is maintained, the EL50 used should be taken from the most sensitive species for which testing data is available, for this substance this is algae (Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata). 1,3-Benzenedimethanamine, reaction products with glycidyl tolyl ether has a conservative NOEL of 0.125 mg/L loading rate WAF based and an EL50 of 1.1 mg/L loading rate WAF.

The effect of the test item on the respiration of activated sewage sludge micro-organisms gave a 3-Hour EC50 value of 160 mg/L, 95% confidence limits 140 to 190 mg/L.  

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