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PBT assessment: overall result

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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

The biodegradability study are available for MgIDHA (publication) as such and for chelating agent IDHA (study report). Based on the structural similarity (see read-across document attached to IUCLID section 13) the PBT assessment for chelating agent IDHA and its salts is also applicable for MgIDHA.


MgIDHA is readily biodegradable according to OECD’s test criteria. 

The assessed substance is not P / not VP.


The Log Kow for the assessed substance is <= 4.5 indicating that the substance is not a B / vB.

The estimated (calculation in EPI Suite v. 4.11) Log Kow for MgIDHA is – 10.15.



The substance does not meet the criteria according Annex XIII REACH Regulation:

-         EC10 or NOEC ≥ 0.01 mg/L for marine / freshwater organisms (long-term toxicity)

-         MgIDHA is not classified as carcinogenic (category 1A or 1B), germ cell mutagenic (category 1A or 1B), or toxic for reproduction (category 1A, 1B, or 2) according to Regulation EC No 1272/2008. 

The available data indicate that the assessed substance is not T.

The assessed substance is not considered a PBT or vPvB substance.