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PPVE is a volatile liquid with low water solubility. It is expected to distribute into the atmospheric compartment after emission. Phototransformation reactions with hydroxyl radical will remove PPVE with an atmospheric half-life of 4.8 days. The proposed pathway for decay involves direct addition of *OH radicals to the vinylic bond, with subsequent decay of radical adducts. The ultimate degradation products are expected to be perfluoropropionic acid and hydrofluoric acid (HF).

PPVE is also subject to hydrolysis. Calculated half-lives were 21.6 to 33.5 hours at 20°C and 29.2 to 43.4 hours at 10 °C. For each of the temperatures studied, the hydrolytic rate constant and resultant half-life showed no significant dependence on pH.  The primary hydrolysis products of PPVE at pH 7 were the deprotonated form of perfluoropropionic acid (CF3CF2-CO2-) and fluoride ion (F-). However, owing to its volatility, hydrolysis is not expected to be important to the fate of PPVE.