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There are no dermal penetration/absorption studies available for Sa 190. Dermal penetration strongly depends on the molecular weight of a substance and its lipophilic properties. Typically a molecular weight above 500 prevents a substance from penetrating the skin. The lipophilic properties of a chemical are indicated by the octanol-water partition coefficient (log Kow). Substances with a molecular weight below 500 and log Kowvalues between +1.0 and +4.0 are assumed to be able to penetrate the skin. Log Kowvalues below +1.0 or above +4.0 indicate decreasing penetration ability while log Kowvalues below -1.0 or above +6.0 suggests that a substance is not likely to penetrate the skin*.

Sa 190 has a molecular weight of 423.72 and a log Pow of >5.7. According to this data it must be considered that Sa 190 might be able to penetrate the skin, though to a limited extent. There is no information available to predict the fate of Sa 190 after dermal penetration. However, taking into account its physico-chemical properties it is likely to become degraded by releasing its starting monomers.


*Basic principles according to: US-EPA “Dermal Exposure Assessment: Principles and Applications”. EPA/600/8-91-011B, January 1992