Practical examples – REACH registration

These examples, case studies and scenarios illustrate situations you may face when preparing your REACH registration. As simplified presentations, they complement the practical advice given through the REACH 2018 web pages.


3 Get organised with your co-registrants

Under REACH, the costs of data must be shared in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory way. These documents will guide you on this.


4 Assess hazards and risks of substances

These examples are based on real situations, and illustrate some recommended steps to gather the information you need to register a substance. They will help you assess the hazards and risks of your chemicals.

The examples should be read together with the advice given in the Practical guide for SME managers and REACH coordinators.


For registrations between 1 to 10 tonnes per year


For registrations between 10 to 100 tonnes per year


5 Prepare your registration as a IUCLID dossier