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Q What kind of information must be provided in an advertisement for mixtures according to CLP Article 48(2)?

CLP requires that where a member of the general public can purchase a mixture without first seeing the label, and where that mixture is classified as hazardous or contains a hazardous substance as referred to in CLP Article 25(6), then the advertisement for that mixture must mention the type or types of hazard as indicated on the label.

The type of hazard is best specified by providing the relevant hazard statements, including the supplemental hazard statements as referred to in CLP Article 25(6). It is also recommended that the hazard pictograms and signal word are mentioned, where appropriate, to alert the reader to a potential hazard.

For sales to the general public, it is not sufficient nor relevant to refer to a safety data sheet containing this information.

Modified Date: 08/08/2019
Topic: CLP
Scope: Hazard communication with means other than labelling
ID: 0273
Version: 2.1
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