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Q Will waste have to be classified and notified to the Classification and Labelling Inventory?

No, it will not. Waste as defined in the Waste Framework Directive 2006/12/EC is outside the scope of CLP. Waste is any substance or object which the waste holder discards, or intends or is required to discard. This may be waste from households (e.g. newspapers or clothes, food, cans or bottles) or from professionals or industry (e.g. tyres, slag, window frames that are discarded).

As waste is not considered to be a substance, mixture or article under CLP, waste treatment operators are not considered as downstream users. At the same time waste treatment operators will not receive Safety Data Sheets on how to handle a substance or mixture during the waste phase. As long as residues from waste treatment operations are waste, i.e. they are disposed of (e.g. land-filled), they do not fall under the scope of CLP. However, residues which are recovered as substances or mixtures do fall under the scope of CLP.

Modified Date: 08/08/2019
Topic: CLP
Scope: Scope and exemptions under CLP
ID: 0177
Version: 1.0
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