R4BP 3


What is the difference between case number and submission number?

A case number identifies a particular application or notification submitted to ECHA. A submission number relates to a particular application or notification, and identifies the number of a submission.

If you need to prepare two submissions for the same case (application or notification), e.g. the evaluating authority requests additional information, the following format applies:

Initial submission number: BC-YY 000000-11/1

Submission number for the additional information for the same case: BC-YY 000000-11/2

Note: the case number remains unchanged, while the submission number changes.

What is the difference between Tasks and Messages?

A task item relates to a case, requiring an action from you within a specific deadline, e.g. a request for additional information. Messages will provide you with information about the status of your case. Member state competent authorities and ECHA will send communications to your R4BP 3 message inbox. Requests for action will however be sent to your R4BP 3 task inbox. It is your responsibility to regularly monitor your message inbox and task items in your R4BP 3 account to make sure that you react promptly to any request from ECHA or national authorities.

What is the meaning of "tasks due to expire" and "my messages" in the homepage of R4BP 3?

"Tasks due to expire" includes up to 10 tasks where you are required to respond within 10 days.

The "My messages" box shows the latest 10 messages.

New messages are displayed in red while those you have read are displayed in black.

What is the meaning of related cases and related assets in R4BP 3?

The "Related cases" sub-tab on the case details page will show you both open and closed cases that relate to the particular case/asset you are viewing. A case does not have a final decision yet. For example, a ‘Mutual recognition in parallel' case that is being evaluated in one MSCA can be viewed through the other related ‘Mutual recognition in parallel' cases being assessed in other MSCAs. The "Related assets" tab allows you to access assets related to a particular asset/case.

What document formats are allowed in R4BP 3?

The following file types are supported: .i6z, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .txt and .xml.

File names must NOT exceed 150 characters or contain ASCII special characters.

It is recommended that your file does not exceed 3 GB. If your file is larger than 3 GB, contact ECHA for further support.

What are the opening hours for R4BP 3?

R4BP 3 can be accessed 24 hours, 7 days a week. The access will be disrupted during maintenance activities. Further information can be found in the ECHA opening hours section

What is the meaning of “D”, “T” and “N” next to my asset?

“D” stands for delegation, “T” stands for transfer and “N” stands for nomination.

For more information on delegations, nominations and transfers of cases and/or assets in R4BP 3, please refer to the Biocides Submission Manual – BSM Technical Guide: How to use R4BP 3 .

How can I manage the email notification alerts I receive in my email?

You receive email notification alerts to the email addresses specified in the contact details of your account.

These emails inform the case owner about the completion of steps in an application or notification submitted through R4BP 3.

If you need to modify or delete a particular user, log in to R4BP 3 and select your user under the ECHA banner; then go to the ‘Contacts’ tab and remove or modify the entry.

Why does R4BP 3 not accept my IUCLID file or SPC when I want to reply to a task created by my competent authority?

Your authorities may request more information from you by using a communication functionality. You can find this message in your message tab.

If the message contains a deadline for your attention, you will find it in the tasks tab with the subject "reply to communication."

Since the communication functionality for authorities is built only to request additional information to support their assessment, you will not be able to upload the technical dossier or the SPC in an XML format. If you have to do so, please contact your authorities and ask them to complete their pending task (to request for additional information).

I receive the error message “the system is expecting a complete SPC, not just an empty auto-generated SPC”. Why?

If you receive this message, it means that you are working with an SPC template migrated from R4BP 2, available in R4BP 3 and not all minimum information needed in the SPC has been provided. 

If you include more than one SPC, e.g. in different languages, make sure that all the SPCs are complete.

Why can I not start working with a task in R4BP 3?

The “tasks” functionality in R4BP 3 ensures that a task is locked (claimed) by a user who is working on that task. The claim of the task is performed by the user with the action “Start working”. Only this user will be able to edit information under the claimed task. 

When more than one user has access to the same R4BP 3 account, it is recommended not to claim a task unless a user truly starts working on that task with the intention to complete it. If a different user needs to continue working on the same task, you will need to access the task, scroll down and click on the button “Release” to make the task unclaimed. You will then need to search for the task and click on the button “Start working”.


R4BP 3 task screen shot